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I can

I remember saying this in one of my replies

Kala, being a man requires that I make mistakes from time to time. Turn left when I should turn right, types of things. Never use the map when I lost or ask for directions. You're asking me to turn right when I should turn right. Actually that is a good idea; I will certainly ask her what a good night out for her would entail. Calculator in hand and then explain how much $$ I like that idea. Thanks, I will do that.

Unfortunately these are truths; we are predestine to make correctable mistakes. Men are the hunters the adventurers, we rely on instincts and that’s what causes our downfall. Even when faced with more reliable information we will rely on our instincts to the end. Now that might explain some of the things we do that may appear stupid, but some things are just stupid. It’s not instinct that convinces us that it was wise to sleep with your girls best friend. That was an overpowering desire coupled with stupidity. It’s not instinct that made you drink in excess and wrap that car around that pole, that’s stupidity.

There is also another factor that causes us problems and that’s our nature. Nature a predictable set of patterns that determines how we will react to situations. If I should encounter my favorite cookies and milk, it would be my nature to devour them. If I encountered a nude woman in my bed, it would be my nature to assume something is wrong and prepare exit strategy. Another mans nature would be to take advantage of the nude woman.

What does this all mean? You better find out what is in a persons nature if you’re going to be dealing with them. If its in there nature to steal things, don’t be surprised if they also lie and cheat. Most thieves aren’t honest, its counter productive. “Did you steal the money?” The thief would answer “In all honesty, yes I did.” If I’m a liar, I’m not going to stop for you. If I have character flaws you’re not going to change them by working with the inner me, that’s what “my nature” does.

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