Heart vs. Penis  

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5/4/2006 5:32 pm

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Heart vs. Penis

Heart vs. Penis

Neither one of these two should be in control for any length of time. The penis, often times a bad decision maker and only interested in what’s good for the moment has created situations difficult to recover from. The heart often tries to keep reins on the penis but the heart makes promises/commitments that the penis acclaims “what in the hell are you doing to me.” Love and lust are two different concepts. The blood engorged penis feels love at the moment and will do anything/everything to maintain that feeling. This commitment fades when the blood flow decreases. The heart on the other hand is always happy to commit us to the emotional commitment of love when all we really have is lust. Once the heart realizes we were working from lust, the heart punishes us with guilt and remorse. I got these two bastards staging their little war in the background and the fallout is painful to deal with.

My heart leads my decisions and emotional state. My heart is ready and jumps head first into love, irregardless of the receiptants level of love. The penis picks up on this and says “We’re in love, when do I get to meet her.” After awhile the penis just wants to bypass the niceties and fulfill his purpose in life. Again the heart tries to keep the penis in reins, but the heart is running away with this love thing. I’m like a high school teenager during this state. I do things that later, I analyze and go “what in the hell am I doing?”

Right now I’m communicating with a Woman that my heart has elevated the alert to “Love” I’ve never met her or seen her, my heart is willing to ignore physical looks because it’s “in love.” My erratic behavior has to stop. The alert has to be lowered to “Interested”. The problem is the penis has assisted the heart in elevating this level for its own selfish reasons. At no time during this entire process has the brain been consulted. He’s just setting in the background letting this all play out. Only recently has he entered the fray. His recommendation is slowww down. Call less and take time to evaluate what I’ve done and what improvement should I make.

The penis wishy washy as he is indicates that’s fine with him. The heart doesn’t like to switch modes nor slow down. The heart presses the ego to go into hurt mode, he calls his buddy depression with the news and a slumber party convenes.

Again the brain just sits back and admires his handy work and maybe I get the point this time. Tomorrow is another day for my heart and penis to wage the war again.

qyxx 59F
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5/30/2006 3:11 pm

you have to achieve a delicate balance, no one organ can assume the lead in all cases.


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