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6/17/2006 5:25 pm

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From the CEO TurnLock Inc

At present, our hooker fund represents our fallback plan. Our current funding of $20 represents our commitment to getting TurnLock laid. The $20 addresses the needs for condoms. We don't wish to send our client out unprepared and unprotected. We will continue to add to the fund on a regular basis so that should the need arise, we can provide our client the resources he needs for the quality of life desired.

We have increased R&D to provide for Sex Tutor and vocal coaching. Communicating with the client indicated a need to make his voice a bit more manly and a lot less nerdy. The sex tutor is necessary for the various techniques that our client is lacking. When he told us that he didn't eat pussy, we saw a problem needing correction. His ED and premature ejaculations problems we expect to be resolved before his first review.

We stand behind the client and his success is our success. We're backing a winner here.

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