Ego Stroking  

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6/12/2006 5:33 pm

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Ego Stroking

It’s been years since I remember hearing the “Incredible Hulk” theme song. It is such a beautiful song, reminds me of “Love Story.” I once knew love and I know that it is gone. I don’t feel for her what I used to either. In its place is “let’s be friends” I can’t wait for that to happen. It has to be an improvement to “Let’s just nag you for awhile.” I’ve accepted my breakup and I’m surprised that I’m taking it so well. My first divorce took a lot out of me. I guess practice does make perfect.

I’m sure now that this is becoming an addiction; I woke up at midnight and asked my son if I could use my laptop for 10 minutes, I needed a fix. What I get from this might explain why my acceptance is better for my divorce. I’m not dealing with it. I prefer to say that I’m not sweating it. Taking care of my kids has always been my priority and she can take my money, I never used it.

My personal concerns or priority is to work out three issues:

1. My desire for sexual intimacy.
2. My desire for mental intimacy.
3. My children missing me.

I won’t be able to think straight until I resolve the sexual issue. Decision making skills are askew when sexual energy is too high. There are times that I can push it aside and function normally, but there are times that it is so overpoweringly distract full. I have never before talked to a woman and gotten a hard on talking about problems with the managers. Or discussing my mundane bus ride to work can generate wood. I feel like a time bomb waiting to explode, like Andy in a bar talking to a girl he doesn’t want anything to do with. I’m not in control like I should be.

I wish I had a prescription for sex that sure would produce noticeable improvements. First I wouldn’t complain about paying the bill. I would still itemize the bill, can’t trust doctors.

Blow Job 10 minutes $50
Intercourse 20 minutes $100
Anal 10 minutes $75
Condoms 3 ea $25
Ego Stroking $150

Total $400
Your Insurance paid $320 client must pay $80.

Next time I’m bringing my own condoms and a little less of that Ego Stroking. I thought that was a hand job.

MissKittyNip26 106F

6/12/2006 7:27 pm

LMAO at the prescription!

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