Damage Control  

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6/10/2006 4:42 pm

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Damage Control

I made a statement that could be misinterpreted, so I wish to clarify. When I said " read one of the steamy articles of the least likely person one would expect; Qyxx." What I meant was her blog indicates that she will not discuss sexual encounters on her blog. So I took that to mean no steamy revealing blogs about sex. So when I found her articles and I remembered her Blog statement, it was unexpected for me.

It was an unexpected and welcome surprise. She still has a few more articles for me to read. I stopped by MissKittyNip26 blog and it was a nice read. Next time I need mental and physical stimulation I know who to read. I'm only reading one males blog Protonicman Overjerked and Underlaid it is quite humorous. I waiting for when he get's laid. He made a promise to the Goddess of Fucking for her to help him get laid twice before Father's day. I used to get laid around that time and a few days after Christmas. I wish I could say I'm saving the sperm for a special cause, but lately they have been jumping ship and I suspect Captain Fingers and Major Hand may be behind it.

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