Bowling with the family  

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9/7/2006 5:20 pm
Bowling with the family

I had an appointment to get an echo test. I get one every three months. While the specialist was conducting the test, I had incidental contact. It felt nice to have physical contact. I haven’t had contact in a couple of weeks. I’m glad I’m not lonely yet. Combining those two together and I’ll need a trip to a couch and discuss why my head is so messed up. My son’s are getting ready to go bowling; they have been talking about it for a week now. Their mom is supposed to take them tonight, but knowing her she’s going to give it to me.

I stayed up well past my bedtime last time. So even though I enjoy the experience, the price to pay the next day is torture. Friday I get to drive them to KCMO and the joy of that return trip alone. Looking for the good is the ME time I’m going to get. Time to get to understand me and my wants. I was perfectly content with being a father and a husband and now I’m no longer the husband and I get to be father once a month.

There were some monetary concerns. It would cost us $37 for us all to go bowling. We thought about just letting the boys bowl, but in the end we all bowled. This time into the fifth frame my left leg was score and this wasn’t going to be too much fun for me. I was throwing the ball all over the place too and rolled a 108, my son rolled a 132 and was happy with his new curve that he’s been practicing with all week. My five year old had a bad time this game with only 8 points. It’s a good thing that he enjoys playing and isn’t competitive yet. My wife rolled an 80 and blamed numerous reasons for her loss.

The couples next to us were having fun, they were drinking and bowling and had some interesting shots from time to time. They were a little too much touchy feely for such a public venue, but they weren’t bothering anyone so good. We continued bowling, I got better in the second game despite the sore leg, but I strived on and got a 134 beating “The Curve” by 50 points. The five year old did better and got around 20 points the mom hit 90 points and blamed the song choice.

The third game mom decided to have fun and started dancing too. She builds that rapport with the couples next to us, who encouraged her dancing. I started off good, closed the first five frames and got me a job application and filled it out. I let “the Curve” finish my game.. I began to notice that “the Mom” was suddenly making a move for a victory. Suddenly hitting spares and strikes. Boy was she cocky.

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