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We all have unique traits/practices that make us attractive to the opposite sex. I don’t think we know what they are half the time. Women may think it’s there breasts that attract men to them and this could be true. There is always something else that people find an interest in you. For years I have attempted to discover what my most attractive trait was. I wasn’t sure so I came up with the following:

My devastating looks, beard, massive size, wit and charming personality. After I ruled all of those out. I looked at the mirror and began an assessment. Large football player size, extra padding, out of shape and I ruled out the body. So examining the face was just as difficult to find any features that stood out. Nice hair cut, two tone beard. Manly face, tired eyes, not enough to explain any attraction. My future ex had vision issues when I married her. Didn’t really know until I took her to the eye doctor and he said “Tell me she didn’t drive here.” So I take that to be the reason why we got married. In her blindness she was able to see the inner beauty.

Now the only thing that I do know that attracts women is my personality. They feel comfortable around me. They would call me “Uncle J” the J being the first letter of my name. Only they said the name. Nothing more annoying then 200 women calling you “Uncle J”. I know my personality is an attraction. Somewhere in my face is something that women find soothing. I don’t get it at all.

In the women that I’ve been attracted to its been things like the way she walks. She is always smiling. Or those breasts are fierce. Sometimes it’s merely the sweater that covers that breast. This is one of those difficult subjects where your most attractive trait will never be known to you and you have to ask members of the opposite sex. You’ll be surprised by what people think is attractive about you. For me I’m settling on the devastating looks, beard, massive size, wit and charming personality.

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6/15/2006 5:38 pm

I also tried to determine what my most attractive traits are.. and I've come up with.. my lips (of I find many men staring at them.. and complementing them often. Plus, I tend to lick them a lot of an have a little grin I do (which men have said really attracts them). Other than that, I think it's my personality.. I tend to be laid back and real easy to talk to. I also like to laugh A LOT and I'm playful (like a child). The other thing men seem to be attracted to is that I have goals and accomplishments. I hear QUITE OFTEN from men that it's hard to find a woman that "has a good head on their shoulders". So.. I guess these are my attractive traits.

What attracts me? Like you.. the way someone walks will attract me. Then, I'm a sucker for nice lips/smile as well. Confidence and wittiness is also attractive. I guess there's many things now that I start thinkin' about it.. hmm..

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9/1/2006 11:18 am

TL, you sound like a very attractive man to me. I wouldn't kick you out the door. You also seem to be a very nice guy. Just hang in there. Someone will want you just the way you are!!!

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

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