And When I Diiiie  

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6/13/2006 4:44 pm

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And When I Diiiie

Every morning I wake up and I give thanks for the following things.
1. I woke up (A lot of people aren’t saying that today)
2. I was the only one clutching my manhood (A lot of prisoners aren’t saying that today)
3. I woke up with a hard on (A lot of people can’t saying that today)
4. My blood sugar was low.
5. I still have the tools to enjoy sex one day.

Before 2004, I just woke up and bitched about going to work. Amazing what a near death moment does for you. Although I dispute to this day, I was in danger of dying, the realization of how my heart was in danger of failing. I was at 25% efficiency on my heart. Too much exertion might have killed me. Although sex wasn’t likely to do me in. I was having sex at this point. The thought that it could was mind blowing and exactly the way that I wanted to go.

I have always hoped that my last day would be the night that I had the best sex ever. I imagined a six hour fuck-fest 6 women, me and a bell. The bell would announce a new entrant into the bed of lust. Now since this is a fantasy I would have one riding me and another one riding my face (remember fantasy). My two free hands would be up someone’s ass. This would be round one. Each round would be different. The number of women would also change, from one on one to free for all. I would cum 8 to 10 times and the last one I would be seated getting a blow job. I would be cumming and going at the same time. The end.

MissKittyNip26 106F

6/14/2006 8:59 am

#1-#3 = Hilarious! And I REALLY hope your last day alive does go as you hope!!

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