TupeloHoneyBuzz 58F
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5/17/2005 7:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Not quite on the same scenario as the last post about birthdays. I went to a friend's 50th last weekend. There were so many little kids running around. My daughter was with me and it reminded me more of us having kids. I enjoyed getting pregnant, and enjoyed my preganancies. Childbirth wasn't much of a picnic, but I have fun stories about that. Of course, I've been told that I can make an interesting story out of most occasions and usually cheer up those around me. Not that I'm asking to be in a mine cave-in or anything. On the other hand - I'd be telling stories and jokes till the oxygen ran out.

redswallow777 48M
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6/13/2005 6:13 am

I must remember to ask you along to the next disaster I am in...I think you would be a great asset to have around.

Pssssst....nice legs.

delta314 66M
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8/5/2005 8:46 pm

I helped w/ both of mine in the delivery room. Both times I fell to my knees and talked God I was a man.

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