Tseran's Capture  

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Tseran's Capture

Flying over the vast jungle lands, he surveyed the area, trying to find the grove he was seeking. His massive wings beating against the cool autumn air, the glimmering membranes reflecting the sun like a mirror. His long, serpentine form ripples as his muscles strained to push himself to a better patch of air. The long whip like tail twitched irritably behind him as this entire flight was beginning to grate on his nerves. he grumbles loudly, letting out a gout of flame from his nostrils. The air was beginning to cool off, and with that, the cloud cover was becoming more prolific and thicker. Muttering a silent curse, he dropped down low, closer to the tree tops. Flying this close to the forest wasn't anywhere near safe, but it certainly was a lot better than having to circle for hours waiting for the cloud cover to dissipate.

Turning his head to check out a clearing off to his left, he never even noticed the tall tree hiding behind the low cloud. He shrieked in pain as the top of the ancient fir cracked the bones in his right wing, crumpling the limb down the center. That was just the beginning of the pain, however, as the massive dragon began to crash downwards through the forest, hitting limb after limb of every tree in his way. The beautiful quicksilver hide soon was covered in his deep red blood as he plummeted with a terrible cry of anguish and pain. After what seemed to be an eternity, but was less than half a minute, the wyrm hit the ground, his neck crumpled and twisted back around, the head of the once majestic beast lying on the ground. The last thing he saw was a beautiful human woman looking at him from the ground before he blacked out.

Awakening later, a dull throbbing in his body, the dragon opened his eyes slowly, with a strange feeling. His wounds were mending, more rapidly than he could manage on his own, and someone was touching his hide. A soft, gentle touch, but still firm enough to show that whoever it was, was testing him. Lifting his head off the ground, he groaned at the sense of vertigo throughout his body. After the dizziness passed a moment later, a sultry female voice spoke, breaking the silence and the thumping in his head.

"So, you're finally awake. Good, I don't like it when my pets are still asleep when I want them awake." Her voice sounded almost amused, but had a firm tone to it. He tried to turn his head to find the source of the voice, but the pounding in his skull was still pretty bad.

"What do you mean pet? I am no ones pet!" His voice was weak, but still had some show of force from his draconic blood. He inwardly hoped that this wouldn't come to a battle, since he knew right now, he was all bark, and no bite.

"You," she chuckled lightly, "are my pet. Deal with it. The collar around your neck proves it. Immediately his claws went to his neck, where he found a simple collar made of leather, a D-ring attached to it on the front. He tried pulling it off, but could not. It was as if the collar was part of his neck. It didn't hurt him, nor hinder his movements, breathing or anything else for that matter. But it was firmly in place and not going anywhere just yet. The voice only laughed, "You aren't going to get it off, my wyrm, so just accept it there. You may even come to like it there." A soft giggle floated to his ears at that last comment.

"I demand that you remove it right now," he growled with as much fierceness as he could muster, "or I will remove your head from your shoulders!" He tried to blow out some flame, just as a show of force, but all he could get was a little smoke from his nostrils, looking almost like he was smoking a dragon sized pipe.

"Let me think a moment on that," she intoned with a hint of amusement, "No. It stays. You are mine. Now, let's do something about how you will address me." He could hear her moving around from the location of her voice, but she still wasn't visible. In a blink, she was standing before him. All he could see of her was a voluminous cream colored satin cloak, covering her completely. Holding the cloak shut at her neck was a pair of bronze discs, heavily engraved with Celtic knots. The entire cloak, stretching down to her feet, was lined with golden embroidery in a Celtic style. The hood of the cloak was up over her head, but the dark brown tresses peaked out. Her hazel eyes looked at him from behind a pair of silver rimmed glasses with a calculating, but patient gaze. "Now, my big hunk of a pet, you will address me as Mistress Jennafei. What is your name, pet?"

"I will do no such thing!" he roared, "Now remove this collar!" He leveled his head to her, the massive snout big enough to swallow her whole, but she didn't even flinch. She smiled with a mischievous grin and lifted up a slender hand from her cloak, just barely touching his snout. He doubled over, folding up like a a piece of paper being crumpled, unable to control his actions. His neck and head went in close to his body while his knees went up and his tail wrapped around the whole form, like a giant ball of silvery yarn. A silent scream of terror caught in his throat at this show of power over him.

"Now, let's try that again, and properly," she calmly chided, "What is your name, my pet?" Her voice was patient, but still had a firm tone.

"My...name...is...Tseran." The words came slowly, as if being forced out of him. She clicked her tongue at him and shook her head inside the cloak. He tried to get a better view of her as he fought against the invisible hands holding him, but he could only manage a glimpse.

"My name is Tseran...what?" She cooly repeated. There was a hint of irritation, mixed with amusement in her tone. It was quite apparent that she wasn't going to accept anything less than the answer she sought.

"My name is Tseran....Mistress Jennafei," he spat the words out, hating them immediately. Suddenly, the force holding his body in the uncomfortable position was gone. Moving slowly, he resumed the sitting position with his wings folded on his back and his tail behind him. Leveling hi head towards her, he snapped quickly, intending to bite. His jaw opened wide, aiming straight at the fragile looking woman. Inches before his teeth could even touch her, he found his neck unable to move any further. The same force had gripped him again, and held him tightly. Not even his jaw could close to swallow.

"Don't try that pet Tseran, it won't work. I didn't put the collar there for your health. I put it there for mine. I healed you, and not so you could bite me in half." She looked him right in the eyes. Her hazel orbs, which seemed to swirl with mischievousness, pierced right through his azure eyes, boring directly into his soul...and his heart. He found himself respecting this woman, despite his loathing of the situation. She tapped his snout lightly and he could move it again, but this time he pulled it back, afraid of what else she might do.

"Why have you done this to me...Mistress Jennafei?" The words came easier to him, but they still caught in his throat, making him uneasy. His form shuddered at the imagined thoughts, the horrors racing through his mind. He didn't want to be someone's pawn or weapon of destruction.

"Oh my pet," she smiled as she placed a hand on the side of his snout gently, "purely for pleasure, yours and mine. I have always wanted a dragon of my own. I hear they are terrific lovers." Her eyes sparkled with lust and desire as she examined his muscular form. "However, we will need to get you a suitable form for my bed. This one will play havoc with the sheets." She chuckled lightly and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. She run her hands over his face, moving her body against him as she continued to stroke her way down his neck with soft touches.

Standing there, stunned by her words, Tseran just blinked. He had heard of the pleasure witches before, who found men and claimed them as their own with collars such as these. The stories ranged from horror stating what terrible things were done to the men, to pure bliss of pleasures and ecstasies beyond belief. Fear welled up inside him, but so did an immense curiosity as well as a deep lust. Walking back to his face, she smiled broadly, looking over hi crouched form. As he was looking her over with an admiring gaze, she reached both her hands out to caress his snout, like one would pet a kitten. Beneath her cloak was a full figured woman with ample charms. Her large breasts were barely contained within the gown she wore. It was a soft blue silk, simple yet elegant. It hugged her body tightly, displaying her impressive cleavage, and hinting at the soft body below it. He found himself attracted to her, despite his wish to be free. She saw the confusion in him and smiled softly.

"Oh come pet Tseran," her voice was almost musical, "I am not a harsh Mistress and you will learn to like me. I know I will like you. Now, let us return to your lair, and we will discuss a humanoid form, and a mansion where I will take as much pleasure from you as I will give back."

"My lair?" He blinked as the question came out, "A mansion, Mistress Jennafei?" He immediately began to suspect that she was merely after his gold. However, part of him didn't care, as long as she delivered even half of what she promised.

"Yes, I am not living in a musty old cave, and you certainly can't live inside my cabin," she chuckled, "And there is much, much more. But come, my pet, carry me to your lair." Before he even realized it was happening, she had jumped into his waiting claws and was stroking his digits softly, making soft moans of pleasure, "So nice...so strong...and so mine!" She smiled softly at him as he took to the skies, fully healed by her magick, and beginning to feel the effects of her seductive charm.

His wings beat strongly, hurling him and his frail looking passenger into the cool air. Nestling against hi claws, she continued to run her hands over his hide, purring like a kitten. He couldn't help but feel attracted to this beautiful human, and strongly aroused at her touch. His mind began to rebel against the idea, trying to break free of it. The collar on his smooth neck suddenly felt like it was on fire. As if sensing his confusion and thoughts, she looked up at him, standing on his claws to kiss his neck, stroking it softly. Without even thinking of it, he gently held her closer, protecting her from a fall as his hide tingled at her touch.

'That's it my pet," she whispered softly, "You are very good. So strong, so handsome, so gentle and so caring. I am going to enjoy every minute with you." He blushed furiously at her words, his hide going a metallic crimson without even realizing it until he felt the heat in his cheek. She reached up and stroked his colored cheek softly. A soft chuckle escaped her lops as they curled into a warm smile, "And so cute when you blush too."

He continued to fly, trying to clear his mind of the conflicting emotions and thoughts. The entire situation was too unreal, too erotic, too amazing, too desirable, and too horrifying to him all at the same time. Before he even could do anything about it, he was descending towards the mountain where the entrance to his cave lair was nestled. Without even a thought, he placed his claws to the ground and she stepped off them with a smile and a wink.

"Now, my handsome pet," she purred directly into his ear, "You need to take on a more suitable form. Something human, and attractive to me, and appropriate for love making." He leaned his head in close, wanting to hear more of her words, loving every syllable she uttered about what she was going to use him for.

"But Mistress Jennafei," he protested quietly, "I know not what kind of a form you would find suitable." His heart pounded in his chest as he realized he was giving in, wanting to serve this attractive woman, wanting to please her. She regarded him for a moment and nodded her head silently.

"Yes, that is true," she admitted with a thoughtful look. "I will tell you what I like. I want a man who is tall, handsome like you are now, and who can please me like you do already. Obviously I want his skin to be something less...noticable. But if that isn't enough, perhaps this will help." She placed her hands on the sides of his head, and kissed him softly. Without a word of warning, an image flooded his mind, the form of a human, devoid of details, but still recognizable as such. "This is the form you will work from my pet. Feel free to improvise on the details, but don't make me upset with how you look, or we will do it again."

His mind fought against the control, his lips snarling as his body began to shift unwillingly. The liquid appearance of his hide became a reality as his entire form literally dripped into a vaguely humanoid form. The shimmering mass stood there, shaking like a leaf, as she looked on at him and shook her head. Reaching forward to touch the silvery mass, a soft chiding sound escaped her lips as she finally touched the warm, liquid flesh. Suddenly, he snapped into a fully human shape, complete with a pale pink flesh. About six feet tall, his handsome naked form fell to its knees, the hands immediately falling behind his back in a show of submission.

"That's very good my pet," she complimented, her voice almost cooing in pleasure, "And even better like this." Her eyes explored over his naked form, and stopped between his legs, to what was hanging out, almost as if for her inspection. A broad smile broke out on her attractive face as a soft whistle escaped her lips. "I didn't give you any thoughts of anything quite as nice as that. I will have to enjoy your...enhancement at my earliest convenience...perhaps even now." Cupping his chin with a soft touch, and lifting her hand back up, he followed the hand, eager to feel her touch in this new form, rising to his feet. Taking his hand in hers, with a gentle squeeze, she smiles at him and leads him into the cave, "Let's find out just how good you are, my pet."

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And just how good was he? Hmmm............

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That is a question, only a select few have learned. And those that learn it do not speak of it afterwards except with a strong emotion. In truth, this one spoke of it with contempt and disgust. Her words were filled with bile and acid.

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