Things that sound cool  

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6/19/2005 11:09 am

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Things that sound cool

Here's a few quotes I came up with that just sound cool. Sometimes I wonder where I come up with this stuff....the rest of the time I don't care as long as I can write it down.

"Looking for good folks on here is like looking for fat free cheesecake in a confectionary store. Sure, you can find it, but usually the other tasty treats will distract you long before you find it, and you will end up going home with something else, and find it wasn't what you wanted later."

"I am the step beyond a jack-of-all-trades: Know a little bit of everything, master of none. I am a Person-of-All: A little bit of everything, a lot of nothing."

"You'd have more luck finding a piece of good ass if you realize you are looking for a mule to begin with."

"I bought ribbed condoms and turned them inside out for my pleasure" (that wasn't mine, but it was funny as heck)

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