First Love  

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First Love

Waking up with a loud yawn, he sat up and stretched. His well formed body rippled with the awakening muscles. He rubbed his eyes and climbed out from under the covers. His naked form was quite impressive to behold, as he did a few stretches to make sure he was ready for the coming day. Smiling brightly, there was a bounce in his step as he knew what today was. He quickly skipped his way into the kitchen area, where Melinda was waiting for him. Standing there with her arms folded over her chest, she wore a simple dressing gown, open in such a way that it displayed her cleavage in a teasing way. She smiled as he entered the room, and kneeled at her feet. Grabbing the hair on the back of his head, and pulling him so his head is tilted back, she leaned in close.

"Who is your Mistress," she purred, her lips just inches from his, "Handsome slave."

"You are, Mistress." He smiles up at her as she kissed him warmly on the lips. Releasing his hair, her hand slips under his chin, and lifts him up to face her.

"Is my little slave happy to be an adult human now?" She smiled as her eyes wandered over his body. "Hmmm....looks like you've even grown a bit." her eyes twinkled as she noticed the slight hardness in his member.

"Oh Mistress," he blushed, "I am the same as I was yesterday! I am just a year older!" He smiled at her warmly, "Now I am your adult slave, so you don't need to call me little slave anymore."

"No, little slave," she chuckled, "You will always be my little slave. After holding you in my arms that first night, I will remember you as my little slave." Reaching out, she stroked his cheek softly and traced over his chin, "No matter how handsome you become."

Blushing and shifting back and forth on his feet, he smiled and looked into her eyes, "What am I to do today, Mistress? Is it time to weed the garden again?"

"No," she shook her head, "Today you can relax a bit. Go out and play in the woods while I bake you your birthday cake."

Nodding with a smile, he started to bound out towards the door, only to be stopped by Melinda's hard voice.

"Hey!" she barked at him, "Aren't you forgetting something?" She eyed him with what seemed to be a cold glare, but he could see a glint of mischeif in her eyes. Giggling and running back, he kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you Mistress!" He smiled and kissed her cheek again, "I almost forgot your kiss!" Turning, he started to move away, but she grabbed his arm.

"You need to get dressed if you are going out," her voice chided him, with a hint of laughter in it, "It would not be right for everyone to see my slave."

He blushed brightly and nodded, quickly running into his room and getting on a vest and a pair of drawstring pants, then ran out the door. Jumping into the pile of leaves by the tree house, he laughed and rolled around in the grass. A pair of squirrels chittered as they came down the massive oak and looked at the playful human. He turned towards them and chittered back. The two rodents returned the noises and ran off. Tryan jumped up and ran after them. In the dense foliage, the squirrels quickly lost him, and he stopped suddenly, realizing he was in an unfamiliar part of the jungle.

Growing silent he looked around apprehensively, not sure what to do. The jungle was quiet, a strange silence that frightened him. He crouched down, and tuned his ears to listen carefully, hoping to pick up some sound. In a sudden jolt, he heard a peal of feminine laughter. He quietly crept towards the sound until he came upon a pool of water in the trees. As he peered over the bushes on the edge, he saw three female forms, human girls, young looking but budding into womanhood. He moaned softly as he saw them, not having seen any females other than Melinda since she first captured him. He didn't even notice the growing bulge in his pants as he looked on at the young women. They quickly shed their clothing and jumped into the water, playing and lauging with each other in the chilled pool. Tryan just sat there, watching them, not even noticing the shadow behind him.

"What are you doing!" roared Melinda as she grabbed his hair, pulling him up to face her. His eyes grew wide with suprise as he saw her, and whimpered as she reached down and cupped his groin, feeling his arousal. Growling, she pulled on his hair and dragged him home.

As she entered the tree, she practically threw him inside, and quickly ordered him to strip and bend over. He did so, a look of fear in his eyes as she pulled out a soft leather cat-o-nine tails and began to hit his bare behind with it, switching between it and his back. After about ten lashes, she threw it down.

"Get to your room!" she barked at him, "I will come get you when I want to see you again!"

He turned and ran into his room, tears falling from his eyes. She watched him, her features softening as she started to think about what she had just done, and the reasons why. Inside his room, Tryan had curled up in his blankets, huddled in the corner. His sobs filled the air and soaked his pillow that he hugged close to his face. Lying there in his mournful silence, the minutes flew by, until he heard a soft voice behind him.

"Slave, turn and face me." She spoke with a strength he had always known, but there was something he didn't recognize in her tone as he turned over on the bed, looking to where she was sitting on the edge of it.

He looked up at her, his face stained with tears as he shivered and trembled. She reached out to wipe the tears from his cheeks, looking over his face, her mind racing. Leaning down she pressed her lips to his, the velvety softness soothing his sobs and stilling his shaking.

"Now," she said softly, "Little slave, why were you watching those girls?"

"I..." his voice stumbled as he spoke, "I got lost, and I heard them. I had never seen them before, so I was curious."

"I see," she nodded, "And you found them attractive, that much was obvious from this." She gestured to his hardness, still showing signs of his arousal.

"But Mistress," he whispered, "None of them are as attractive as you." He looked into her eyes.

A slight moan escaped her lips as she smiled and leaned in to kiss him again, this time a little more forcefully, her tongue slipping out to caress his lips. He gasped and melted against her body. Pulling back from the kiss, her breath was coming a little heavier as she sttod up, and slipped the gown off her bosy, revealing her impressive body to the wide eyed slave. She looked over his body and pressed her palm against his chest.

"Lay down, handsome little slave." she smiled as she stroked his chest, "I am going to give you some a lesson today...a lesson on how to please your Mistress in a new way."

He nodded and laid back on the bed, looking up at the beautiful elf, admiring every bit of her soft flesh. His eyes wandered from her chest, down between her legs to the hairless mound there. She smiled as she noticed where his eyes were looking, reaching out to lift his face, and gaze into his eyes.

"Yes little one, that is going to be a focus of tonday's lesson. But first, you must learn to excite your Mistress, and make her wet down there." She almost seemed to purr as she explained it to him, guiding his hands to her impressive breasts, one on each. "Rub and caress them, explore the feeling of my flesh."

Nodding slowly, his mouth slightly agape, he began to move his hands over her soft globes, jutting towards him with a perky bounce. He moved his thumb over the nipple, marvelling at how it was growing more stiff with each passing second. His fingers traced over the surface, running over and around them as his eyes took in the sight. As his exploration continued, her breathing became heavier, and the elf's chest began to heave with growing excitement.

"That's very good," she moaned, pressing her chest into his soft and gentle hands, "You are making your Mistress most happy with your touch. Now, you can also use your mouth to do things to them. I want you to do that with one," she grabbed his left hand and placed it between her legs, right over her mound, "And I want you to explore down here..."

Blinking with suprise as his hand was placed over her sex, he leaned in a bit, pressing his lips to the now barren breast, his tongue snaking out to lick over the hardened nipple. His hand on her mound begin to slide around and explore, slipping between the soft petals of flesh and running around inside the moist depths. As his hand explored, Melinda suddenly stuffened and let out a gasp.

"Oh yes!" she almost seemed to pant out, "Move your fingers back." She began to breathe heavilly as he sucked on the nipple, his hand returning to its former position. "That is my clitoris, or clit...mmmmm....It feels very good when you touch it, little one..." Her eyes closed as he started to stroke over it. She seemed to be lost in the sensations of his hands and mouth on her when she suddenly opened her eyes and smiled.

"That's enough little slave...I need you inside me..." She pulled back from him, her breast popping free of his lips and her hands gently pulling his hand away from her moist sex. Looking over his body and at his hardened shaft, she climbed up on top of him. With one hand, she grasped his erect member and held it tight as she placed her wet slit against the tip of it. Without even a word of warning, she dropped herself down onto the throbbing phallus with a loud scream of delight.

His eyes flashed open wide with suprise and pleasure, the intense feeling of being inside his tight Mistress causing him to just lie there in shock as she took him inside her. Slowly, his breathing became heavier and louder, his hips moving a bit, loving the sensation of being wrapped up in the exquisite warmth. He could barely speak as he whispered to her.

"Oh Mistress!" His voice was raspy, but filled with intense desire, "I love this! It feels incredible to be inside you!" He began to move his hips upwards, pressing himself deeper inside her. With a smile and a long moan, she started to move up and down over him, bouncing herself on his hardness, causing him to slide in and out of her hole.

"That hole you are filling," she gasped out, trying to keep herself steady as she rode her slave, "Is my vagina. Some call it a pussy, cunt, cunny or just plain fuck hole." She smiled as she looked at the face of pleasure on him, "And right now, your Mistress is fucking you, little slave."

He nodded, trying to push himself up into her deeper, loving the tight feeling of her hole gripping him, driving him further along. She chuckled as she watched him, feeling his excitement grow inside him, and his cock grow inside her.

"Oh my!" She exclaimed as she bounced on him, "My little slave is a horny little whore it seems!" She chuckled and began to squeeze her inner muscles, pulling his shaft deeper inside her, "That's it slave...push in deeper...fill me with your my little cum slut." She grinned almost wickedly at him as her sex gripped at his shaft almost like a vice.

"Oh gods Mistress!" He began to tremble as he heard her words, being excited by them more than he ever thought possible. His hips thrust upwards, sliding his cock deeper inside her as he felt the impending climax washing over him like a wave. With an almost strangled gasp of pleasure, his shaft began to twitch and finally exploded inside her, shooting his thick semen inside her. "Mistress! I love you!" he cried out as he came, "I love this!"

Reaching out to touch his face, she felt her own orgasm slip up on her, seeing how fast her slave had cum for her. Her tight hole began to ripple and plulse its muscles around him, yanking and pulling him deeper inside her. The motions also served to milk his creamy seed from his member, filling her with it. She layed her head against him as the wave of the orgasm passed, her cunny and his cock still twitching slightly.

"My slave did very well," she complimented in a soft voice as her hands roamed over his chest, "And I will certainly be enjoying this with him again more later." She looked down at him with a soft smile on her lips, "Happy Birthday, sexy little slut."

He looked up at her with a bright blush filling his cheeks as he silently whispered his thanks, moaning softly at the intense pleasure of the act they had just performed. His hands moved to hold her body close to his, and stroke her hair as she nuzzled up close, kissing and licking over his chest. He lay there with her on top of him, knowing things would never be the same again.

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