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Some More News Commentary

I told you I was going to be a loser tonite: here it is 9:01 pm on Saturday night and I'm watching Keeping Up Appearances and writing commentary on teh day's news to an ungrateful AdultFriendFinder audience! (No offense to anyone, but since I've only had one post thus far yet several dozen views, I says it like I sees it...)

At the height of a gas dispute this week, anonymous text messages zipped across Ukrainians' cell phones calling for a boycott of all things Russian.

"Remember the Great Famine, Stalin terror ... If you are a Ukrainian, forward this to friends," one message read.

Russia's threats to leave this nation of 47 million shivering through a cold winter triggered an outpouring of anti-Russian sentiment and patriotism, from which President Viktor Yushchenko will likely benefit in March's parliamentary elections.

The magical talking heads we witness every Sunday and hear during the week on NPR predicted that Russia had in fact attempted to discredit Yushchenko by holding up the gas, thus bringing him down in the upcoming elections.

Now let's be honest: who actually thinks Putin is that stupid?! "I know, I'll show him by cutting off the oil and telling everyone I did it! That will make them hate him and have no consequences on us at all!"

Um...Yeah...That's it...

Where do we get these talking heads from anyway? I mean, I knwo where they come from: all the top notch think tanks and consulting firms in Washington. (For the record, I have consistantly refused to be a talking head...)

It will be interesting once we actually do learn what the motivation was behind the Russian decision. Although I have my suspicions, I choose not to share with my ungrateful audience unless prodded...

On another note, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's chances of surviving his severe stroke are very high, but his ability to think and reason have been damaged, according to one of his surgeons.

The 77-year-old Israeli leader remained in critical condition, though his vital signs were stable and a brain scan Saturday showed a slight reduction in swelling.

Doctors are to decide tomorrow when to begin lifting his medically induced coma to examine the severity of the brain damage.

While I thank HaShem that he is safe, this still places Israel in a difficult crisis of leadership if Sharon does in fact have serious brain damage.

Strokes are never easy cases. I wonder whether or not Sharon had been placed on Cumadin after his last minor stroke.

My grandmother suffered a minor stroke several years and the doctor failed to put her on appropriate medication to lower the risk of another stroke. minor strokes never occur in a vacuum. A larger one regularly follows.

In my grandmother's case, she did in fact have a much larger stroke which caused serious brain damage. As I'm not a doctor, I cannot begin to tell you the actual condition she was put in, but it was enough that she required 24-hour service. Despite being alert and understanding, she could not move or speak on her own. Or even eat for that matter.

If Prime Minister Sharon's condition is similar, this still raises questions of leadership and transition for Israel. And on a number of levels. Constitutional, as Israel does not have a constitution as we do, but instead, a Basic Law. Foreign policy, as the question of the peace process is still up in the air. Political, as Sharon's Kadima party was in the lead for the elections prior to the stroke.

It's far from clear if any of Sharon's potential successors from ANY party would have the charisma, credibility and can-do spirit that helped the prime minister begin carrying out the historic task of drawing Israel's final borders.

Well, it will all be interesting to watch...

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