one hot night  

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5/29/2005 9:54 pm

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one hot night

Ummmm how did it start welllllllll

We all went out to play pool then we left there and went over to sing from there we went to dance here several taquilla shots later I was ready for some fun let me tell you heheheheh

I whisper to the male of the cpl to lets go find a room somewhere so I can play ya baby and is he nice I love playing with this cpl she is georious and he welll all i can say about him is ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmy build so goood i tell you ladies and boy can he move in bed.

AND stamina i have never meet anyone that could keep up with me in the bedroom but he is damn sure giving me a run for my money........

We get in there vehicle by the time he and I make it in my dear hubby has her legs in the air in the back seat going to town and damn can he eat some pussy........ she was letting him no very well just how good too and all the moaning was getting me that much more wet.

I reach over and pull out his dick and just start sucking and licking away on him hitting or trying to hit all those little zones that i no him to have muhahahhaahahahah

we are driving along trying to find a motel when i jsut telll him to pull into one it doesn't matter which one cause i need his cock in my wet hot little pussy right then so i proceed to sit on him and grind just a little bit,

He gets the room we go in and I go behind the female and undress her from behind enjoying the feel of a womans body next to mine It has been way tooooo long scence i have felt that softness.

I lead her to the bedroom area lay her on the bed and begin to map her, the way we play is this i kiss and stoke all over you and you tell me on a scale from 1-10 how good it feels( lets us know were those goood spots are) she enjoys this alot from what i could tell she had 3 sets of hands all over her. rubbing her breast her ass and her oh so wet pussy.

I get to that area and ummmmm how i just love a sweet tasting pussy ( there are all kinds of tastes but there is just one taste that i love and boy oh boy did she have it) I used truescorpios technique to pleasure her and from the gushing feeling I got out of her I believe it worked....... her honey then proceeded to fuck me while she licked on my clit and my hunny put his large cock in my mouth for me to suck on ummmmm he knows i love that shit,

I whispers were you want me to cum baby, she whispers in her baby so i can lick it out so i go with it I told him to fill me up......
at this point he moans and cums so hard in my poor pussy i felt the contractions this really excited her and my hunny cause it was on then she dove in head first (if you will) licking and sucking and i must say for her first experience with a woman she did extremly well.... my hunny put his fingers in me while she was licking and oh god i came alllllll over her face it felt sooooo gooood my huny said he could feel me contract and squirt muhahahahah yes oh yes did it feel so good. from here she started pleasing my huny and i started pleaseing hers....

I likced and stroked his hard cock and balls got him all nice and ready then she sat on him and road him good i licked them both as she was pumping my huny had his fingers in me while licking on my clit oh damn did that feel good......

the song switch should have been playing cause that is what we all kept doing is switching heheheheheheh

some how me and her huny ended up on a different bed a cpl hours later were we continued to pump and grind and cum and start all over again

our hunys just kept watching and talking...
I could hear them say damn how long you think they can go...... ehehheheehehehh for me i can go allllll night but after a cpl hours the other two had one last fuck and it was time to go. by now it is 4 am and we all look rode hard and put away wet heheheheheheheh but damn how i enjoyed it.

come to find out he has a few melissa marks on his pecks damn how i love to hold on and ride but i quess i got a little carried away last night cause he is all bruised up heheheheheheheheh

welll that is what happened on our date and let me tell you i can not wait to do it alllll over again muhahahahahahah

kisses melissa

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5/30/2005 5:56 pm

Nothing wrong with being rode hard and put away wet

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