ok this sucks  

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6/14/2005 5:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ok this sucks

ok here is a rant from me

OK there is this guy that is supposidly all hot for me..... we all have played together but all of a sudden its NOT ok its ok for him to do other females but not me what the fuck is up with that which isn't a big issue for me except its really great sex......

I don't like liars they really piss me off.... which i think is understandable........

So now i have just turned the whole thing off i am tired to death of trieing and so is my wonderful husband He really enjoyed her as well but hey what can you do right soooooo i guess we move on.......

I hope they find what in the hell they are looking for I just no it wasn't us which like i said earlier SUCKS cause it was really great sex huh but all is well though i guess right.....

kisses melissa

ps i meet one of my honeys little pieces last night I tell you i think he is seriouly into BLONDS hehehehehehehe

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