isn't this plucked up  

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5/12/2005 1:52 pm

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isn't this plucked up

Let me just say that females that want to get plucked but can't handle a good looking lady wanting to pluck there man should get the F**CK off of AdultFriendFinder yes i said it lady;s GET OUT. why do i say this all you naughty bloggers well let me tell you about my very recent experience...

OK here goes we started talking to this one cpl in wy ok they sounded good she was pretty enough so we chatted then I asked about her husband at first she was like he is so well hung blah blah blah then she was b tching about how all he does is work and sleep and that he wasn't interested in the computer or other females. welllll that is just a challenge and I LOVE THOSE heheheheh. so what do i do I TELL him to come chat with me so I could determine if I wanted to F*** him. so he did which i think just pissed her off, that here is her man that APPARENTLY isn't to interested in her cheating ass talking to another pretty good looking women ( if i might say so). He said he wanted to F**k me but was'not sure how SHE would handle him wanting to so he would only say it when she wasn't in reading distance. Well I keep stokeing his EGO which i don't mind doing if i am going to be stroked later *wink* ok so he is getting off on me telling him how nice looking he is and how much i wanted to (play) with him well it seems that she doesn't like it when other woman get to him, Because i asked him if he wanted me to come out and visit him while in south dakota.

Now steve and i do play seperate but like it much better together! we asked them if they wanted a foursome they stated they only play seperate, welll she does should we say apparently he isn't allowed to. which sucks cause i was going to show him how a real cowgirl rides heheeheheheheh.

anyway I told him he was getting adick tive heheh well she didn't like that not one little bit so she shot us an im on yahoo telling us that she didn't like this and that and that she didn't feel that i should be getting adick tive heheheh to HER man.

ok all you swinger answer me this would you get upset if your hubby found me attractive and vis versa. which made him more excited for you? hummmm i wouldn't but hey i am weird sometimes.

and the adick tive was a joke get it a dick heheheh anyway this is what is pissing me off today.

my hubby b tched her out though put her in her place right nicely like. soooooo the moral of this story is IF YOU CAN"T HANDLE IT GET OUT

promise next post will be more sexy

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