holy cow  

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5/15/2005 9:47 pm

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holy cow

ok ok ok let me see i just got some news apparently i went too far with one of our friends. I don't understand though I can understand being upset about his lying but isn't that what the friends with benifets are all about?I make no excuses I am here to get laid nothing more nothing less. If I get a few friends out of the whole thing then great whahoooo but hell fire. what does a girl got to do to let someone know she is interested in them I would love to go down and barry my face all up in her snatch I admit However, I would also like to have his hard cock in me too. soooooo blog world what do you think am i being to sensitive about this whole thing? should I ask before the night begins what is and is not allowed? I don't no I really like this cpl but I am tired to death of going hot and cold really sooooo help me out here what should I do pursue or bow out gracefully?

PS I don't wear underwear unless I wear a skirt. the breeze is a little to cold up here.

VergeFastsShiny 46M

5/24/2005 1:23 am

Hello, I read your blog and I understand most of it...I think. It appears you are having trouble with another couple? If that is the case then I say (as I have in another one of your blogs) you should move on. This place (AdultFriendFinder) is suppose to be where people meet for fun, not drama. When too much drama comes into play then you have to bow out gracefully. There are way too many people who would love to have a fun, mutual friendship and/or fuckship with the both of you (minus the drama). You know what to do, just do it. Now I have a question for you. What in the hell does your "P.S." have to do with the rest of what you wrote? LOL Was it an attention getter? If so, it worked. LMAO

Tryanything1ceXX 44M/39F

5/25/2005 7:16 am

NO it was not an attention gettter but glad it worked heheheh i put that in there for informational purposes you see i don't were undies but was on this night because i was wearing a skirt hence tooo cold thing But i am glad you liked the post you should email me sometimes by the way........

kisses melissa

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