fantasy fulfilled part 2  

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3/23/2005 10:50 am

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fantasy fulfilled part 2

ok guys heres the lastest. on monday night i have to say my husband gave me one of my most erotic fantasys ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our No name friend and he talked that night and decided that they would give me what i really wanted NO NAME showes up around 1045 or so all i could do is smile. then my husband said hey let us give you a tour of the house lets start upstairs "babe let the way" when we got into the our bedroom no name was in front of me and my husband was in the back they both started making out with me. No Name look off my shirt why my hubby stroked my pussy both were being very aggresive. they were talking dirty to me as well big daddy (hubby) said ----- <(no name ) you want to fuck my wife don't you. all no name said was fuck yes and they began. I sucked big daddy dick while no name fucked me from behind hard and fast oh ya it was nice ladys. it just kept on from there they would take turns fucking licking and sucking on me and i was always sucking and licking and kissing on one of them.

I give great reviews to both of them and say THANK YOU becasuse i had not one or two hell not even 5 cums but 7 yes i said 7 which i am sure will only become more as time goes on.

kisses guys


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