an excellent day  

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3/24/2005 9:03 pm

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an excellent day

Today.... I must say was one of the most special days I have to say that I have had in a long while with my wonderful husband. What happened you ask wellllll.......

it started this morining around ummm 0800 he woke me up with kisses and coffee LOL which i love both. Then he gave me a most wonderful roll in the preverbial hay after that he woke our youngest son up dressed him and took him to daycare. He told me today was all about me. Which I love

He took me to victoria's secrets and let me pick out whatever My hearts desired, which at this store was only a lovely white panty and bra set(white) lovely on. Then we went over to hot topics were he insisted that he pick out what he wanted in here so i let him..whow I tell you my husband can be kinky! he picked out corsits sets and little hot pants was looking at the hugh boots and heels but i prefer spiked heels not boxed so I talked him out of that whaw close one right. After that we just looked around with him saying to every little thing i looked at get it if you want it. and if I looked at it more than once he would say get it or I will and grab my ass, while saying ummm that will look great on you but better on the floor. He is so crazy! but I love that about him. From here we went to the adult book store " " right huh books where!?!

Then we came home and recieved a wonderful brownie cake. I had a wonderful wonderful day.... my best birthday ever

tonight i am suppose to be getting my gift from my NO NAME ummmmmmm


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