all day F u king  

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7/7/2005 9:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

all day F u king

wow guys I have a confession to make. I had never been with a woman one on one until yesterday....what happened is this

I went over to her house strategically placed candles and incents over the room and bath.I drew her a bath with lavender bubbles, soap and lotion waiting ummm mmmmm

I had her favortie food waiting on her and a few new sexy suits for her to wear for me oh and how nice she looks in them.

C came home looking extremly sexy I must add and i had her model all the sexy little suits for me. A red one, Blue , teel, black and then a bathing suit...... She looked awsome in all of them wow.anyway after this i had her get into the tub wear i lathered her up and massaged her entire body..... I gave a nice smooth shave on her sweet little p ssy. I used this opertunaty to stroke every part of her ( of course i was washing her heheheh), after washing her hair she got out of that tub lookig all wet and horny and ummm just plain da mn sexy...I had her lay on the bed so that i could touch her more ( of course i was giving her a massage) oh da m did i like touching her soft milky sweet skin. I laid her on the bed tied her arms to the post placed the blind fold over her eyes and a scarf over her ears.....

I took my hands and began to stoke her nice and slow also useing her toy for the viberation. nibbleing on her soooo sweet nipples d am i am getting hot thinking of it........I took my mouth and began to slowly tease her with my tongue. Again like I said she is a squirter, but i just wanted her to have a normal everyday cum, which she did and was it sweet, i love lapping that up taste like honey. then I took my tongue and fingers and made her squirt for me..... after this it was her turn she proceeded to move down to my honey hole and lap it up like a good little girl...... dam n I could so make her my B tch..she is so hot.....

After me cum ing all over her we switched again this is about the time her georgious husband came home. DID i mention he is hung soooooo nice.....
well we had him get in the shower while I played a little more nibbleing her nips and puss useing my tongue to touch all over. T came out of the bath and slipped that big hard c ock in my dripping wet pu ssy. He is so big he gives me that slitting sensation that i soooooo love.

I cum almost right away on his co ck then he f ck her then me then her a the while of us had our mouths on each others p uss. I then used my mouth to give him a bit of oral pleasure. oh god do i love oral( getting and recieving ) I love sucking on that big co ck.

C had to go pick up the kids at this point so he and I stayed there and contienued achieveing ultimant cu ms. I love his mouth soo sweet strong talented. he can kiss sooo goood. I love it when he sticks his tongue deep into my mouth the passion the pleasure of this if not matched......
after climax we snuggled up and talked a bit, it does kinda irritate me when a man doesn't do that cause h ell that part is one of the best ever....

C came home and we all hang out most of the rest of the day just brushing and teasing each other... well T had to go into town to do some errands and ask if I wanted to go while C put the kids down, and of course i did i love giving oral in a car in the hopes that someone will pull next to use and watch ummmm i love to be watched..... I worked him over pretty good I think on the way. I had myself literally dripping.... we accomplished all his errands and returned home, where his lovely wife was waiting on us in the living room....

Now it got goood, I must say that I have not cu m so many times in one night in a very long time.... I started with T by sitting on him while he was sitting on the couch ( oh ya while we were out I bought a new Cowboy hat ) wearing nothing but my red bra and panties my heels and hat I started doing what i do best TEAESEing him ummmmmmmm he got nice and hard then I sat on him with my back to him and rode him hard,,, After a little while of this I switched with C and she worked him over well tooooooo. needless to say we all had a very good time..... At one point T went on down town on me and used his fingers YAAAAA i cu m hard da mn was it goooooood.... this all continued until wee hours of the morning. Until he could't handle us anymore. I slept over there with them last night and i really enjoyed that. However it was about 0505 when i woke him up with a hand job. C sat on top of him and he made her sqirt soooo goood, I can not wait to do this all again . but now i need sleep cause i am tired '

kisses melissa

danae03 32F

7/7/2005 1:37 pm

By all means baby girl...get some if plans are still on for Sat...

spearfishhottie 51M/47F
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7/7/2005 2:55 pm

I love the way you deal with banned words!


7/7/2005 10:40 pm

how hot were u today.......and how will u follow up that experience, can u raise the bar again. My bet is we will be hearing much,much more!! U can put me to bed and wake me up anytime~
Thanks Melissa

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