The husband speaks  

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5/16/2005 11:05 pm

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The husband speaks

Yes this is usually my wife's blog and I enjoy reading what she posts and the responses she gets. I thought I would post my own thoughts on here for once. My wife and I are sexually charged people. We love life and appreciate the friends we have made along the way. Some have asked me how I can share such a beautiful woman (this is the truth not trying to score points babe) My answer is this; it is a turn on for me.

I have been asleep for most of my life. I was jealous and short sighted. I came to a realization that I was not happy with who I was trying to pretend to be. I was brought up with strict guidelines of how a person should act, think and be a good member of society. My wife has a different view on the world and I have come to accept that I am not wrong or bad for wanting things that are considered taboo. I applaud those who have the courage to expand their minds and experiment with their bodies. I stand in awe of her and all of you with courage to come forward. (I just wish some of you would realize I find beauty in all women even if they do not fit societies mold of the perfect person)

The uniqueness of each individual is what I am attracted to. That may be in the form of a great sense of humor (no matter how warped) or how double jointed they are lol.

We are not here to cause marital problems with any couples or jealousy with anyone. We have been married a long time and are secure with each other enough to know who we lust after who we love are not always one in the same. We are here to meet great people and have lots of fun.

My goal is to show the females how not only lesbians are great at eating pussy but certain males have the talent too. I have certain females who I wish would understand I am really really attracted to them for who they are as an individual and I am not comparing them to anyone.

Ok so I have a tendency to run on and on, which is why my wife does the talking on the blogs and not me.

To all those on here I salute you for your courgage and freakiness.

I love you babe.

The husband of the desirable sex goddess

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