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5/12/2005 3:04 pm

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ok let me ask this what would you guys do in my situation I no i no i have to tell you the situation first right, ok here goes

There is a man that I work with he is over me and is married. In the begining it was simple flurting. Now it has turned into more.

I called him one day in November of 04 and told him that I had a problem. He of course asked me what it was. I told him that I found him very sexually stimulating. He went with it, he told me he found me the same way and that we would descuss it later. <---- which we did. The next time I am in his office I ask him what he would do if I pulled down the blinds shut the door and kissed him. His reply was lets see, soo of course I did. It was a lovely kiss that shook me deep down inside. we petted some then I unzipped his pants to see just how big he was. He is bigger than i had initially thought. I stroke him a little he moans with delight. I slip down onto my knees and take all of him in my mouth which suprised the hell out of me cause he is hugh. I am loveing the feeling of that big hard cock in my mouth. His hips are moving in time with my mouth. I slip one hand down the base of his shaft then his balls. It didn't take long before he was exploding in my mouth. He grabs my head and pushes down as his hips push up, I feel the warm flow of cum going down my throat and I LOVED IT. the kicker is I HAVE NEVER SWALLOWED until him. it heated me up completly. I guess he felt bad because he wouldn't go any further. ( did i mention this was in his office after hours with housekeeping running around.)

After this I was hooked all I thought about was this hard cock in my mouth again, it made working difficult let me tell you. I would go into his office and malest him IF you will. he would always make excuses about not doing anything with me anymore. But other days he would flurt with me show me his hard on tell me things like you make me hard by just walking in the room were i am at girl. Now during all this him and his wife are not doing to well and to be frank nither are me and steve( better now). I ask him to meet me at a hotel so I can have my way with him, he agrees but when it is time there is an excuse. I continue to persue him Because to me he acts like he is as into me as i am into him. His excuse is always his daughter and i can understand that but Like i tell him I am not asking to marry the bastard right, just f*ck his brains out for a few hours minimum heheheh

this has continued for a few months now and he always returns my kisses and his body lauguage tells me he is soooo into me but he always pulls away. i am confused here why do men do that ok you have already cheated on her just do the deed and not piss off two woman right.

He moonlights in another town sometimes and I told him about our swinging which turned him completely on. I told him I could make his fantasy come true ( 2 girls and him) if he wanted it he agreed yet at the last possible moment flaks out on me,

Now he is due to move to new york and I am still crazy over him yet he will not let himself go. He turned to god to help him over come the feelings he is haveing for me so now there is lets see I can't its against my religion, I can't i am married , I can't i am your boss, I can't blah blah blah soooo after he tells me these things he says you no if things were different I would be all over you by now, or you are so georgious, i love your body, your face your smile your great personallity BUT so i am going insane here he is pushing me to a place I don't like very much but the desire for him is tremendus. He also told me if he ever divorced his wife i would be the first person he called. I WANT HIM yet i will not get him.

heres my question to all you bloggers

1. what would you do to get him?

2. would you even try to get him?

3. Is he just jerking my chain here?

4 Am I being stupid to think it will go there.

5. should i leave him alone

help me out guys

love melissa
til next fantasy

Lapkin4u 42F

5/12/2005 5:13 pm

I think you should leave him alone....I was in a recent similar situation and was going crazy over it....I finally had to say no more I couldnt take it. I think you should do the same. Of course if you keep tempting him he will keep flirting because the desire is there, but he has already told you no....you need to respect that and move on.

VergeFastsShiny 46M

5/15/2005 10:24 pm

You have the potential for a very complicated situation. One, you are trying to get with a guy who has a religious conscience. I think this is a big problem all by itself. If he feels that morally guilty, then he might "blow the whistle" if you sleep with him. Why? Because he may not be able to live with the guilt, so he could tell his wife and then you would have another problem. With your lifestyle, there are other "fish in the sea". He smells like trouble and you could be the one to get screwed over (in a bad way). Don't get me wrong he may really want to do all the stuff he says, but his mind is really playing the good versus evil trick and he is very confused. I think your best bet, with this guy, is to count him as "the one that got away" and move on.

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