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7/4/2005 11:00 pm

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well what did we do ok yesterday we invited TandS out to devils bathtub in the hills and yes they went with us


Tryanything1ceXX 44M/39F

7/4/2005 11:00 pm

when we finally get all the way up the hill (mind you with KIDS)we had a blast although we have one now with sutures and one with a broken thumb and two others with cuts on there feet that have steri strips on them soooo needsless to say we has a blast sooooo what happened you ask well let me tell you

T climbed up this hugh cliff and was off exploring for a while well i eventually get up to find him and purhapes have my way with him heheheh
and let me say I DID

I find him then i find a pretty little patch of moss lye him dwon and preceed to scr w his brains out heheheheh
first i take out his Big c ck and lick and suck that beautiful pIEce of meat muhahahha i love oral.... then i sit on him and ride him (d mn i am good, we were on a hill ) but I came hard then i flipped him over and had him ride me. he is talented i tell you,. he made me cum and cum again then he exploded all over my stomach with a low moan and his voice, just does it for me ,very deep voice.....

We pet for a bit more then go on back down well now S is very bi ( i found that out last PM too)
anyway we hike back down the mountain with S on steves back cause she cut her foot (on the natures waterslide BIT JAGGID)

well we drive home and on the way home I keep flashing them different parts of me just teasing a bit heheheheh well we invite them over for supper ( and hopefully more) they get here around 830 last pm and wow ok wow around 1130 kids were sleeping and such soo we invited them to our bedroom muhahahhaha muahahhaha

well of course i was the first one naked cause i love to be naked its so free. then S joined me but the two guys were a little slow to the punch so i proceed to help them out of those ever cumbersome clothes and on into me....

I carressed S a little while T and steve watched then it just turned into a f ck feast (which I love) no inhabitions, no I am fats, no insecurities, nothing but gooood f cking muhahahahha

I must say thou neither one of them have anything to be insecure about she is just lovely petite cream skin blondish hair beautiful blue eyes..very soft and great nipples muhahahhah
He is tall and slinder/athletic nice hairy chest well atleast in all the right spots nice pecks ass he has redish brown hair simply stunning blue eyes cream color skin with some freckles (which i find sexy as h ll) he wears wrangles and I love that sh t. remindes me of all those good ol boys back home ( which he is a bit southern ) which I find most southerns are very sexual sooooooo

AND did i mention that she is a squirter oh yes yes she is she squirted all over my face and wow i mean wow that fu king turned me on sooo much
and when he finally came he had a good orgasm all over me i love that sh t... lots of ummms ohhhhs owwwws yes gods and fu ks hehehe

needless to say I think we had the most fun EVER
I plan on doing this more and more and both of there sexual appitietes match mine ummmmmmm i can hang so can they which is a breath of fresh air i must say sooooo
hopefully i will be able to hook up with S just the two of us and experience all i want to alone the lines of female female

I will tell you all the future events

kisses melissa

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7/5/2005 5:33 am

can i have some

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7/5/2005 8:06 am

Melissa you are my mirrored reflection
Thanks so much for sharing..
Sweet kisses

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