Flowing Through You  

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2/22/2005 10:36 pm

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Flowing Through You

Past Tense

I watched you walk into my life and walk back out
Like a door you passed through without any doubt
To get from one place to another
Yet never stopped to wonder
What it was that you were doing to me
Wishing you were able to look inside of me and see
An endless battle between my brain and my heart
Wanting to let you go but yet not wanting to part
When you’re here you make me feel warm and free
However alone it’s colder than you would ever believe
Why does it trouble me so
Why can’t I just put down that phone and let you go
For every question there is a reason
For every day there is a season
Was I just in time for the passion
Never knowing that it wouldn’t be lasting
Someone to fill a void
Someone just to be your toy
Only for the here and now
That person to lift you up when you are down
That’s who I was to you nothing more nothing less
Yet you never knew that you were blessed
With a man that could take you places while standing still
A man that can truly teach you how to feel
To bring your dreams into reality
Making every part a natural ability
But you didn’t want to invest the time to know
Loosing the ability to know what it is to flow
With that one that brings you to the point of no return
A place where it seems as just on big blur
Not knowing what has fully happened
Knowing only that you were glad it lasted
But yet you are there
And I am writing to you from over here
Thinking of you in my heart
Hoping of a chance to never have to part
Because it has happened in the physical sense
But in my heart I hope these feeling never have to become past tense

deeonlee111 57F

9/8/2005 6:29 pm

She must have really broken your heart. Sorry bout that.

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