The first kiss  

TrueTxGtlman 53M
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4/1/2006 7:28 pm

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4/5/2006 11:20 am

The first kiss

I was watching a tv show the other night and an actress said that the lead up to the first kiss is better by far than the actual kiss. That made me think and I can say that most of the time that moment before the kiss is very intimate. But the moment that leads up to the first kiss can be if each person has the same amount of passion be very passionate and make the kiss feel less than the moments that lead up to the kiss.

As I was thinking about what to write on this blog I was watching the movie Michael (which a scene was shot here in my town). There was a scene where a woman leaves Micheal's hotel room dancing after a night of passionate sex. I think that is what is missing for most of us on here. We don't feel like dancing after we have sex. Granting it isn't the first time for us most of the time. But I feel we need to work on our second through one hundred times to make them feel like the first. I know I want to be more like Michael and make my lover leave feeling like dancing.

What is better the first kiss or the first time having sex? That isn't the real question I am asking tonight it is actually what we all should be thinking about. I bet if you place a lot of effort in the kiss the love making would make you and your partner dance.


twirly_girl 47F

4/1/2006 8:13 pm

Mmm... my partner makes me want to dance everytime we have sex.
And the kissing is like the build up to the dance.
Actually I don't dance so this is redundant but he does make
me want to twirl my skirt up. lol

Have you ever kissed someone and felt like your mouths were
a perfect fit?
I went out with a guy a few times that had no passion when he kissed. He refused to use his tongue. Which in an old fashioned way is kinda endearing but it was a total turn off to me. LOL
A passionate kiss can be just as amazing as passionate love making.



TrueTxGtlman replies on 4/2/2006 2:44 pm:
Exactly I think a passionate kiss can be as erotic and any love making. I could kiss 24/7 365 if I had a partner that was able too also. I have to say most of the kisses I get here are, well let's just say less than passionate. I can remember kissing someone and it making my stomach turn and do flips. Glad to hear your partner makes you want to dance. Life is way to short not to feel that feeling more than once in life.


RoyalPurpleRose 51F

4/4/2006 9:01 pm

It's sorta like sex in general. When you marry ... have a couple of kids ... and the years start stacking up ... you get complacent ... everything is taken for granted. I know I often feel that way. There seems to be no effort in making the act of making love special.

Some people just have high sex drives ... me included . For me, kissing is awesome ... whether the first time or the 1000th. Or if it's the first time in many years.

~Kisses, RPR

TrueTxGtlman replies on 4/5/2006 6:50 am:
I agree that we take the small stuff for granted after a couple of years and a couple of kids. Also I always figured the hunt and capture is a lot more exciting than after the capture. I think I just have a normal sex drive, I just have a partner with no sex drive. Do you think a a second first kiss after about 26 years is as awesome as the first kiss was?


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