Even Kinkier...  

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1/17/2006 8:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Even Kinkier...

Made arrangements to meet with both members of the couple Kinky19682, and have my first threesome two saturdays ago. I make the 45 minute drive north of here to a Super 8 motel, and inside are both Husband and Wife. She greets me with a warm kiss, and I shake hands with Husband. They forgot something, so Husband drives all the way back to their home, leaving Wife and I ample time to fool around.

To make a very long story (4 or 5 hours, to be exact) short, in the time he was away, she blessed me with the sweetest sex I think I've ever had, and which broke my dry spell of 11 months.

Naturally, I was a proverbial "minute man".

She changes into a satin nightgown and I wash the cum and latex taste off my dick. I'm laying naked on the bed as Husband returns, and he strips down revealing a cute butt and even cuter cock. She suggests he take a taste, and I have my first threesome experience, with him sucking my cock as I sit propped up on the headboard, and with her leaning over and kissing me. I was so euphoric I could've levetated above the bed.

We spend many hours in many positions, from 69s, to Wife riding me, to me eating her out while Husband gave me a handjob.

Finally, I got on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed for Husband to fuck me. It took plenty of lube, but he finally made it in. As he moved back and forth, All I could do was bury my face and cheeks into the bedspread while letting out a nonstop stream of moans and squeals, the unparalleled pleasure sending my mind into another world. I finally beg him, "Fuck me! Fuck me!", and he pounds my ass till, with a big groan, he fills his condom inside me.

I had no idea this would happen, but I was left thoroughly exhausted and bewildered, hovering in a dream-like state for several minutes while panting heavily and collecting my thoughts and floating back down from heaven to earth.

I lay spooning with Wife and kissing her shoulder and neck for awhile, and then start eating her out as promised. Four or five orgasms later, my tongue is nearly numb, worn out from sucking Husband's cock so much earlier, so I spoon behind her again as Husband finishes her off, balancing himself with his hand on my hip. Her head is resting on my bicep, and I'm hugging her upper chest my arm. My free arm is holding her just under her breasts.

I'm having trouble thinking of quite the right words to describe the sweetly awesome experience of feeling a woman's body reach orgasm held tight in your arms.

We're not going to make an entire night out of it, so about four or five hours after arriving, I clean up and take off back home, all three of us completely worn out and satisfied.

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