Cum at first sight  

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12/28/2005 7:16 am

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Cum at first sight

I've been exchanging emails and IM's with Kinky19682, and last monday night we agreed to meet at a truck stop restaurant to see if we click in person. She's really the sweetest person, and we've really made good friends, but like me has a serious wicked streak. She's 44 and married, and our intention is to get a threesome going. She's a decently big girl, but very beautiful, and I think we both served to boost each others' failing and dessicated self esteems. We never had sex, but did just about everything else leading up to it. She wants to save that for when her husband is there too.

So monday night after we arrange to meet, I start "saving up" in anticipation of some in-car kiss action, and maybe a handjob. Hey, I want to put on a good show.

So I pull up at 7:00 pm sharp and look around but don't see her. A few minutes pass, and a car a few spots down pulls away revealing her on the other side. I get out and give her a wave, and she gets out and starts walking toward me, and we're both beaming. Like I said, we were only going to go inside and chat over a bit to eat, maybe to end up fooling around in her car. To the contrary, though, without a word I scoop her into an embrace and we kiss like we've known each other for ages. She's so much prettier in person than in the photos, and I make a point of telling her so.

We hop in her car and proceed to make out like horny teenagers, the age difference fueling my sense of mischief and kink. She keeps feeding my ego by telling me how beautiful my eyes are, how cute I am, and how I'm an amazing kisser. I return her compliments as I run my hand over her bra and silk-smooth skin over her belly and sides.

I'll spare the sports announcer style "play by play", and give the basic run down. She says she's never asked a guy to do this alone, and asks if I want to go to her garage to mess around some more. I agree, and as we're talking on the 15 minute drive over, I'm running my fingers through her hair, which she says puts her at ease and nobody ever does to her. Her husband calls her cell phone, and says that if we do anything, to save him some. In her garage, she pulls my pants down to my ankles and gasps when she feels my cock. I don't think it's anything special (6", not particularly wide), but she couldn't keep her hand off of it and telling me how wonderful and thick it is. It's dark in there, but I'm sure I'm blushing ten shades of red at her compliments. To make a long story short, I get her completely topless and finger her to orgasm after working over her breasts, while she's got me naked except for the jeans at my ankles. She's sitting in the passenger seat and I'm standing in front of her getting the most amazing blowjob I've ever had while I alternate from petting her hair, clinging to the car for dear life, and leaning down and kissing. Lots and lots of kissing. She does the coolest thing: she rubs my cock down with warming Motion Lotion before starting sucking, and OH. MY. GOD... does that create a sensation the likes of which I've never felt before.

She says she trusts me and invites me in. Again, after long bouts of simply "making out" like prom dates, and me kissing her all over, I make my way down between her legs. She says nobody has ever kissed her fat belly before, and I tell her I think she's got a beautifully big stomach, perfect for kissing, and that I love it. She beams. After working over her inner thighs with my tounge and lips, I make my way to her now dripping pussy, and start licking her clit. After short while, she begins to shudder and whimper, which soon becomes a long series of moans and shivers, coming in waves of intensity. I don't know how much time has passed, and my rule is that I don't stop until I'm told to, so after what feels like a heavenly forever, all sorts of twitches, jerks, and writhes, and noises I've never heard a woman make, she shouts "Stop!", and proceeds to lay there, face buried in her hands, trembling, and making deep shaky breaths punctuated by whimpers.

This keeps up for almost two minutes, and I'm starting to get worried. I ask her if she's ok, and she replies that nobody has ever gone down on her for that long. I say "Honey, I was just warming up."

I sit back and grin, and in my imagination I'm doing that little "cabbage patch" dance and thinking "Go Andy! Go Andy! It's ya birthday!" I think to myself what great practice and experience this is.

But after she relaxes, she says that I need to cum on her so her husband can have a taste later, so she begins to jack me off, bringing me nearly to orgasm and then stopping several times, which is turning me on to no end. She tells me to use my own hand, and after a steady stream from her of things she wants to do with me and her husband, I finally lean over the couch and unload the hugest cumshot I've ever done onto her breasts. This was something I've never experienced before... it was like I had two orgasms. There was the first wave of spurts, and then a blank muscle contraction, and then a second wave of ejaculations. I aimed alternately for each breast, and after what felt like at least a fifteen second orgasm, a gallon of cum, and several "Oh my god!"s from her, I take my hand and spread my jizz evenly over her tits. She says nobody's ever come enough to cover both boobs, and I tell her I've never come that much before, and am as surprised and shocked as she is.

Note to self... saving up for four days has benefits.

It's 11 now, and we decide to get dressed and get something to eat at the truck stop restaurant before parting. Sitting there at the restaurant, we're talking, but I can't help but think that under that sweatshirt, her breasts are covered with my dry cum. We kiss a little bit more in the parking lot and part ways.

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