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12/8/2005 5:45 am

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I look down and see the red of my fingernails. Their long and nicely shaped. I imagine my fingers running down your chest, dragging my nails, scratching lightly down your chest, over your hard nipples and I smile.

I buzz your apartment number and wait for you to answer. "Hello?" "Hi Eric, It's me." I breathlessly say. I can feel the pounding of my heart in my chest and suck in a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. I'm highly excited in anticipation of what I know is about to happen. You release the door and I walk in and climb the flight of stairs to get to your door.

The door opens and you stand there, in a towel only. "Hi babe, your early, I'm not quite ready yet." I'm mesmerized by your naked chest, as you bend to kiss me. "Ummm, well I brought a bottle of wine. It didn't take as long as I thought it would to pick one out. I'll wait." You smile and say, "Well your gonna have to unless you want me going out naked." I smile thinking, I don't even want to go out. You don't notice the second smaller bag and I put it in the pocket of my coat. You go back down the hallway to the bathroom and I move to the living room.

"How's your week been?" you ask up the hallway. "It's been okay." "It's better now, that I get to see you." I smile and you can't see me as I quickly remove my clothes and then put on the ruby red chemise that I brought. "How was yours?" "It was busy, but like you too, mine just got better, now that your here." I hear you chuckle and then I move down the hallway towards the bathroom. You look up and then down the hallway and see me approaching you. You look at me quizically and then I see a slight smile start at the corners of your mouth. "Oh, I guess, you don't want to go out tonight?" You say huskily and I know you like what you see. I move closer and my hands loosen the towel around your waist. "No, don't want to go out, want to stay in and do naughty, nasty things to your body."

The towel falls to the floor and my hand encircles your semi-hard cock. Your hands come up to touch and rub my breasts through the fabric of the silky chemise. I lower to my knees and take you into my mouth and you moan and get harder and longer. Your hands are on my shoulders and then in my hair, slightly pushing my head closer to you. I suckle and slurp at the head of your cock and then take you deep into my mouth and peek up at you. Your head is thrown back and you are breathing quickly, then you look down at me and see that I have snuck a peek at you and you smile down. "come on, I gotta lay down. My legs are wobbly, your making me weak in my knees."

I suck up and then give the head of your cock a lick across the tip. "Oooooh, damn, hurry up get to the bedroom" You reach down and help me off my knees and as I turn to go to the bedroom, you swat my ass and I jump away from your hand. "your a brat, but damn your sexy when your bad." Your hands encircle my waist and you bend and nuzzle my neck. "Ooh, now my knees are getting weak." I smilingly say.

Your hands lower to the hem of the nightie and you bring it up and over my hips. "Damn, I love your ass. It's perfect" I feel your hand come down and squeeze first one cheek then the other. I reach back with my hand and encircle your cock. "Come on big boy, I have designs on your cock and doing nasty things to you, making you moan 'til you can't stop." I turn at the edge of the bed and grab you around your neck, pulling you down with me onto the bed and kissing you long and hard and deep, my tongue sneaking out and into your mouth.

Your hands are running all over the silk of the nightie and then you push it up and over my breasts. Your mouth pulls away from mine and you lower your mouth to my nipple. Your tongue, rubs over the tip. "Oooooh, that's good" I moan and arch my back and then you suck my nipple into your mouth. Your hand lowers and your thumb rubs my clit and your fingers dip into me. Spreading my lips apart and then pushing in.

My hands are on your shoulders and then in your hair.

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12/8/2005 6:21 pm

I see you haven't lost your touch!

Lovely imagination - you have me thinking all sorts of things.

It would be really interesting to try them out ....... but then my name is not Eric

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12/9/2005 12:56 pm

There once was a lady called Red
Who lacked satisfaction in bed.
She asked her computer
For someone to suit her
And he must be alive, not half dead.

There once was a fellow called Blue
Who was sure that he knew what to do.
He would buy her a present
And walk round the crescent
And give her a kiss ‒ maybe two!

Now I hope that we two will soon meet,
As I long for your kisses so sweet,
For the taste of your lips
And the thrust of your hips;
Do you think we would generate heat?

Now perhaps, if the Red one would phone
We’d arrange to be somewhere alone.
Then I’d squeeze you so tight
That you squealed with delight ‒
There’s some things you can’t do on the phone!

I could kiss on your forehead and cheek,
On your eyes (your’e not taking a peek)
I would nuzzle your ear
While I pat on your rear,
Then a sensitive spot would I seek.

Not just on your lips, what the heck!
There are plenty of spots on your neck.
I could slowly undo
A button or two
Give your cleavage and breasts a quick peck.

My hands I would tenderly slide
All over your back and your side,
When I hear you say “Aah!”
I would open your bra
And gaze at what’s hidden inside.

A gentle massage of your breast,
And your nipple would rise from the crest.
A kiss here and there
And perhaps you would care
To continue this intimate quest.

If I saw an “OK” in your eyes
I would gently caress up your thighs.
I would find a small slit
And then play with your clit
Till your breath comes in gasps and in sighs.

I would kiss you all over your breast,
Round your waist, on your back, all the rest.
I would suck on your nips
Till they’re red like your lips
While I watched to see what you like best.

We could walk through your bed-chamber door
And my shirt you could pull up and o’er.
My belt you’d undo ‒
Pull my zipper down, too ‒
Drop my slacks in a heap on the floor.

We are now down to panties and shorts,
And we’re thinking most intimate thoughts.
With your hand on my balls
I am climbing the walls,
Nearly set for that nicest of sports.

And yet for a while we delay ‒
It always seems nicer that way ‒
A mutual stripping,
No tearing or ripping
Gets the rest of our clothes out the way.

We stretch on the bed, side by side;
As my fingers into you I slide.
Now our passion gets higher
My cock’s like a spire,
So eager to thrust up inside.

You give my tight scrotum a kiss;
What rapture! What heavenly bliss!
I continue to pet
And you’re getting all wet
Oh, what could be nicer than this?

And now we’re about to be lovers
As over my body you hover.
Then you tenderly guide
My erection inside
You ‒ no need for a blanket or cover.

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