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11/25/2005 1:28 am

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I smile when I think of you. My silent knight. Deep in thought, your brow furrowed, eyes squinted. You are intense when you worry about a problem and that same intensity burns as you make love to my body almost silently.

I'm never sure, if what I am doing to you is bringing pleasure, as you are so quiet. I have to rely on a muscle twitch or a slight moan, to know if you are enjoying yourself.

You lay along the bed and let me have my way with you. I run my hands over your chest and play with your hard nipples. My mouth and tongue playing over your body. I kiss your neck, suck on your earlobe and rub my breasts across your chest, yet you lay, unmoving, gripping the edge of the mattress and a quick intake of air, lets me know, I am driving you wild.

I lower my head and turn my body around, kneeling beside you as I kiss and suck my way down your chest. Lapping and licking as I go. Your stomach muscles jump and tighten as I get closer to the center of you. The head of your cock jumps up to meet my lips and I take a tentative lick of the head. Precum oozes out and I taste you and you sigh and then a sharp intake of air as I suck the head into my mouth.

I feel your hand caressing my calf and then up my thigh and you squeeze my thigh as I suckle at the head of your cock. I am pleasuring you and I know it and you are so quiet. No words need to be spoken by your lips for me to know that you want more. I feel your fingertip touching me, spreading my lips and stroking my clit. I moan around your hard cock and you suck in a sharp breath again.

I want you deep inside me and can't wait to feel your release. I remove my mouth and turn around and raise my leg over yours and impale myself with your cock. Your shoulders come up off the bed and your arms encirle me and we begin to move together. You deep inside of me, pushing up with your hips and now your strong hands are on my hips, helping me lift myself up and then pulling me back down into and on you. I hear a grunt and you expel air in short bursts. You are almost there. Sweet rapture as I feel you explode deep inside of me and seconds later I orgasm and it shakes my whole body. You stroke deep inside of me a few more strokes and then stop and I pull myself off of you and cuddle beside you, your strong arm around me and you place a kiss on my forehead and lay quiet beside me.

AnEnigma517 59M

11/25/2005 3:27 am

Oh Canada! Ayuh! Something like that would get my attention!
(I like your style... writing style, that is. It flows very nice and the imagery is very real.)

sorroWind_eol 32M
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11/25/2005 6:20 pm

No words...just sweet sensation!

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