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11/26/2005 8:53 am

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I woke up with a niggling thought at the back of my brain. I needed something. It was a need so great it felt like my need for oxygen or water. There's an ache deep inside me, that needs to be fulfilled. I need to have you on me, in me, around me.

I think I need this more than you do. You don't seem to be in as big of a hurry as I am. I ache to have you touch me, yet you sit passive beside me on the couch. I would think you could feel the vibrations coming off of me in waves.

My mind keeps flashing pictures of you touching me, having you lick my lips and my nipples, sucking on them, nipping on them. It is all I can do to keep my hands off you. Finally, you turn and stroke my leg. "mmmmm, don't do that unless you want me to jump all over you." " I need to tell you something." "What you have your period?" "God, no. I'm horny, it took everything in me not to attack you at the door" I say with a giggle. You turn and look into my eyes and then I see it, need. I move closer and put my arms around you and then you kiss me and put your hands on my breast, squeezing and stroking at the nipple. "mmmm" I let my hands run over you and under your sweatshirt. Finally I have it, what it was I needed. Your soft skin, touching it sends me into another realm of arousal. Your hands are busy too, as are your lips as they kiss me and suck on my lower lip. You help me undo your jeans and I stick my hand inside and touch the head of your hard cock. I pull away and stand up, "quick, let's go, I can't stand this one minute more. I need you" You grab my hand and lead me to the bedroom, where you remove my clothes quickly and begin to stroke at my clit with your fingers. You are forceful, yet gentle, guiding me to the bed and laying me down and getting in between my legs. Your hand never leaves the warmth of me, your two fingers stroking me towards ecstasy. Soon your head dips down to kiss me. A long soul dying kiss, which makes me quiver. You move your head down and suck on first one nipple, then the other. All the while, stroking me with your fingers. Soon, your wet firm tongue is lapping at my hard clit. Explosions go through the core of me, as the stroking and licking brings on my first orgasm. You lower your tongue to lap at my liquid as it slowly makes it way out of me.

"I need, I need, I need" I plead with you almost silently, as I feel I need you in me, filling me and pounding away at me, the pressure of your pelvis, pounding my clit and pussy as you grind into me. "Please, I need you to be in me now." You remove your tongue from my pussy and I can see your lips are shiny and wet from me. You push my legs up over your shoulders and then I feel you push into me, with one hard push and I am filled by you. "Unnnnnn, oh God that's good, don't stop, please don't stop. Fuck me, please fuck me" You grab my ankles and push my legs closer to my body and then you really begin to pump into me and I can feel the orgasm building inside of me. You continue to pound into me and sweat drips off of you and splashes me, giving me new sensations.

"Oh, I'm really fucking you now, can you feel it?" You ask and I can only moan in agreement. "Don't stop, please don't stop" "Are you close, I'm gonna cum soon" you grit out between your teeth "Oh don't stop, don't stop, I'm right there too." I feel like I am shouting this out to you, but really I am just whispering.

An explosion has happened, I can feel my orgasm coming out of me, with every stroke you take. You push into me hard, once, twice, grunting with exertion. Sweat is running down your face, as I open my eyes to look at you as you cum and cum into me. You suck in a ragged breath and I know you want to collapse on top of me, but you don't. You stroke in me twice more and then pull out of me and collapse beside me on the bed. I close my legs tight together trying to keep in the need.

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11/26/2005 12:19 pm

That's HOT girl! I just may have to find me a woman, SOON!

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