I would do Anything........  

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11/17/2005 8:29 pm

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I would do Anything........

The sun is warm as it shines in through the window. My skin is warm and soft. I can smell the cologne you have on. I feel your hands on my breasts, squeezing and caressing them. Your mouth is hot and wet on my nipples. Your tongue flicks the hard nub, as I feel your teeth, gently biting me. My body feels like it’s on fire. I am wet and you haven’t even touched me below my waist. Your right hand slides down my chest and you pinch as you go. Not hard, just enough to let me know, you are in charge. “Do you like this?” you whisper. The thought comes to my brain to answer, but I can’t form the words. I nod up and down with my head. “Answer me, tell me you like it” you say in my ear. I pant and moan “Mmmmhhh, oh don’t stop”
I can feel your hand get closer to the center of me. Your fingers feel out my nether lips. I feel your other hand slide up, as you push me over on my left side. Your hand encircles my neck. I feel slight pressure, as you squeeze a little on my throat. Your other hand is still searching for my clit. Then I feel an electric shock go throughout my body. My eyes roll back and I squeeze them shut. My body jumps as you finger hits right on the spot that centers on my pleasure. You begin to rub it with first, one finger then two. “Uuuuuunnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh” I moan. My pussy gets wetter as I have the first orgasm and you continue to rub and play with my clit. I feel your hot breath on my shoulder and feel your lips on my skin. You lick and kiss my shoulder and then lower onto my back.
I reach back with my hand to touch your cock. It’s hard as a rock and I can only think of one thing and that is having you in me, filling me. You continue to push and rub my clit and then I feel one finger go in me and I buck a little with my hips. With your elbow, you push back on my hip, so I have to turn onto my back almost. “Lift your leg, spread your legs” I hear you in my ear. I comply and your hand is on me, fingers in me and you are stroking me. I feel the orgasm coming already. I’m right there, right now. I push up with my ass and then you have it. You’re right on my spot and I lose all sense of myself. The orgasm hits and all I feel is pleasure. I can’t feel anything, except waves and waves of ecstasy. I can’t feel your hand, I can’t feel your skin. I know you are there, but my mind is centered and focused on me and the moment I am having. I push back against you, my head flung back against your chest. “Oh god, oh God” I say through clenched teeth. You continue to thrust in with your fingers and I continue to orgasm. I can hear how wet I am. I can feel it coming out of me and sliding down my ass and I am lying in a wet spot. I feel you shift and move. I feel your wet mouth on my nipple and the tingle begins as you suck on it and bite it with your teeth. I feel the wave crashing over me again.
“Oh, God, Oh, God” “I want, I want..............” Oh, how come I can’t tell him I need him in me, “I Need you, I need you” Why can’t he understand what it is I need. My mind can’t form the words to tell you I need you to be in me. You continue to stroke me and move up to my clit again. My mind is going too fast. It’s too much, too soon. It’s delicious agony. I need to be released. I want to be able to cum again, and I feel my pussy walls begin to pulse. “Oooooohhhhhhh” I moan. I am trying to grab onto your hand, your wrist, trying to stop you. “No, let me play” you say in my ear. “But, I want, I want” I pant and I still can’t tell you. I turn and look up at you. I plead with my eyes, hoping I can convey how much I need you to be in me, filling me up, thrusting into me. You kiss me hard on the lips and your tongue comes out and into mine. I suck on it hungrily. Your finger is rubbing me and squeezing me and I can’t take it anymore, yet I can’t say what I want and I can’t seem to take the initiative to take what it is I want. “Please” I plead with you. “Please, Oh God, Please”
“Hmmm, you want something, you whisper close to my ear. “What do you want? Tell me what you want” I feel your fingers dip into me again. Oh God, rapture again, I can feel myself orgasm, just by your touch. “Please, Oh God, Please” I plead again. “Do you want me to fuck you now?” you question me. I nod in agreement, you say, “No tell me you want me to.” I form the words, but they don’t come out. I am having wave after wave hit me and I can’t form them again, my brain is on fire. “Uuunnnnhhh” I groan. “Fuck, Fuck, Oh Fuck Me” I grunt. “Up on your knees, back up a little.” I feel your fingers dig into my hips and pull me back and up. The head of your cock pushes at the opening to my pussy. It slides down and rubs my clit and I jump. “Ooooh” I moan. You pull back and then enter me with one push and I feel you fill me up with your cock. I grab onto the sheet and then reach for the headboard. I need something to hold onto as you begin to move and push into me and pull out of me, slow at first and then quicker. I am full of you and I feel the pressure building. Your rhythm is making me push back against you as you come forward and into me. I can feel my orgasm coming again and begin to quiver. My skin feels like its dancing and jumping. I feel full of you and I moan and can’t get my mind to focus. I feel too many sensations, as I feel your hand come up and grab my hair and then slide your hand down around my neck again. You lean forward a little as you thrust and I begin to orgasm. With each thrust, I feel it start to come out of me, sliding down the inside of my thighs and I can’t think about that, about how wet I am and how good this feels and how I would do anything for you right now…………

Prometheus2971 45M

11/17/2005 9:23 pm

Great imagination, and damn what a hot story....love it.

sorroWind_eol 32M
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11/22/2005 8:59 am

The whole blog is great,divine...u should write,publish,get your ideeas out in the 'bookstore',even an electronic one(like this one).
And to think I said your blog is virgine;if so,mine is inexitent!It is voluptous,sensual and just...I'll stop I don't want to flater U.
Next time I'll bring some comments,some criticism in my act,if u dont mind;and if it will be the case,I will still do it
Keep it coming,make the lime_light! 0
sorrowind_eol RR ( \|/ )

boaz1172 50M
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11/23/2005 4:12 am

Highly Charged Unbelievably erotic

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