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12/2/2005 10:46 pm

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I lay with my arms outstretched, my head rubbing into the mattress. My nipples stand erect and hard. My shoulders arched,placing me at just the right angle, as my ass, is barely hanging over the edge of the bed. Your head is between my thighs, your tongue lapping at my mound.

Your hands are behind my knees, pushing me wider, with each lick you take. Soon, I feel your tongue, wide, lap at my nether lips, parting them and tasting me at the same time. Then the slight tickle as your goatee follows your tongue, until it reaches my clit.

My hands grab the bedding, my head whips forward and I look down and see your eyes smiling up at me. The sparkle in them tells me you are enjoying this as much as I am. You lick faster and harder, your tongue, then the hair on your chin, brushing faster and faster over my clit.

My feet have made it to your back. I push off you, digging my toes into your ribs. The harder I push the faster you lick, until I begin to feel the wave of an orgasm in the center of me. My hands move closer to my body, pushing my shoulders up higher off the bed, until, I am almost sitting vertically, my ass, hanging onto the edge of the mattress. My thigh, is over your shoulder now. You continue to lap and lick, tickling with your goatee, until finally the wave crashes over me and I begin to cum. You lap and lick at the juices as they flow out of me. The orgasm, slowly starts to fade and I lower my back to the mattress. Easing my muscles to relax and lessen the grip they have on my shoulders.

You push up with your shoulders, pushing me into the middle of the bed. You lean into the bed, putting one knee up and on the bed. I feel your tongue, pushing into me, between my lips and I squirm to move away from it, pushing myself, with one leg raised. You scurry forward and quickly your body is over top of mine. I feel your cock knudge into me, ramming against my lips and then slowly the tip goes in.

I feel my body stop and wait for you to catch up and then, your cock is in me. I suck in a deep breath and let it out quickly, grabbing onto you with both my hands. I grip your hips and then quickly slide my hands up your sides, until I have you underneath your arms. Sliding my hands around your body and gripping you with my forearms. My my legs go arounds your hips. You push into me hard and then pull out again quickly and then in again. Your balls slap against me, each time you push in.

I start to feel the explosion of my next orgasm in the middle of my stomach. My thighs, grip onto your hips and I pull your chest closer to me, until all your weight is on me. You pump into me harder and faster and I begin to moan in ecstacy. I hear you whisper in my ear, "I'm gonna cum." I nod my head up and down, hoping you understand that I want it. Gritting your teeth, you say "I gotta cum, I want to cum." I nod my head and the thought of the word yes comes to my lips "Yes, Yes, Yes" I feel like I'm screaming it out and then I feel your hot cum, shoot inside me and again I am rocked by my own orgasm hitting yours.

Your panting in my ear, your breath hot on my neck. Your chest is wet against mine and I feel your arms start to quiver and shake. You are laying on top of me, your chest heaving against mine. My legs and thighs loosen their grip on your sides and hips. I start to lower my legs down, sliding them down the back of your thighs
until they slide off onto the bed.

You push your self up and move your leg over top mine and flop down beside me. Your arm, lays over top of me, just under my breasts. I bring my legs up together and curl onto my side. You move up and grab the comforter pulling it over top of us, curling your body around mine. Your arm pushes its way under my neck and your other arm comes around me and pulls me in close.

I am home.

mayifeelsaidhe 64M

12/3/2005 8:17 am

As one writer to another my hat goes off to you. This is the first time I've read your blog, but it won't be the last. My work is differnt...poetry...some funny some serious some erotic.

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