Fruit Salad - Part 2  

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12/3/2005 5:40 pm

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Fruit Salad - Part 2

I love how you lay with your arms behind your head, with a slight smile playing at the corner of your lips. I've placed the tray beside you and I reach for a ring of pineapple. I've enlarged the hole in the middle, so your cock will fit inside it, but I've still misjudged it. I push it down onto you and your stomach tenses as your cock jumps at my touch. I place a second and third ring on your cock. My hands are sticky from the juices of the pineapple and I lick them and you smile broadly.

I then pick up the jar of liquid honey and with the spoon, I drizzle honey on the tip of your cock. It slowly drips onto the hair of your stomach. I replace the jar on the tray and then lean over to place the tray on the floor. Your hand reaches out and you squeeze my breast, your thumb rubbing my nipple. "Ooooh" I moan. "No, it's your turn, your not supposed to be touching me." I lightly admonish you and your smile widens. "Well get on with it girl, your driving me wild." I smile back and think to myself "If you only know, how wild, I'm gonna drive you."

I place my hands beside your hips and slowly, leisurely, lick the honey off the tip off your cock, It jumps up to meet my tongue and I continue to lap at it "Ooooh, babe that's good." Your hands are gripping onto the metal rungs of the headboard. I look up at you my eyelids droopy. Your eyes are pleading with me to continue, but I torture and tease you a little longer. I lick around the head of your cock and then slowly take the head into my mouth. I suckle at it, slurping and licking at the honey, my lips getting coated and sticky with it.

My mouth lowers on your shaft until, I feel that the pineapple is pushing against my lips. I stroke up with my mouth, until my lips feel the ridge around your head. I rub over top the ridge with my lips, stroking back and forth and the sensation is almost more than you can stand, as your hands come up and entangle in my hair, pushing me down onto you. I push back down and then up and then remove my mouth from your cock. "Oh no, wait, don't stop." You say pleading with me and reaching for my head. I pull away and then lower my mouth to the pineapple rings. I begin to nibble at them and the new sensation of the fruit rubbing on your cock has you moaning and grabbing onto the comforter, your legs moving and pushing your hips up. "Oh God that's good. Fuck that's incredible, don't stop" you bark out to me. I take the next ring between my lips and begin to slide it up and down on your shaft. You move your hips in unison with the movement of the ring up and down on your shaft. "Oooooooh, fuck, I'm gonna cum." you grit out between your clenched teeth. I bring my mouth back up to your head, just in time to catch your hot seed as you begin to orgasm. I swallow and suck simultaneously and you push up with your hips and you jerk twice and then stop moving. Your chest is heaving from the deep breaths you are taking. I lift my mouth off your cock and look up into your eyes. "That was the best thing that has ever happened to me."

rm_blue061245 71M
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12/5/2005 7:16 am

You sound like a person who would be fun to know and play with!

Your story certainly stirred my imagination (and other things)

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