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12/11/2005 7:18 am

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I look at you through half lidded eyes. I am deliciously tired from last night. My body weak and yet I feel the need to have your skin touching mine. I want to touch you, but I'm afraid to wake you, but then my wants take over.

I slide my body closer to yours and feel the heat coming off you. I tentatively touch the skin on your stomach. I lightly skim my fingertips down the front of you. Scratching my fingernails across your skin. I hear your sharp intake of breath and quickly look up to your face. Your eyes are looking down at me and a smile plays at the corners of your mouth. "Morning, my horny little vixen" You laughingly say to me. "What you planning on doing down there?" you ask teasingly. "I was going to see if I could wake you up without too much stress." I say back to you, teasingly. "But if you want more sleep, I understand." I smile up at you and then move back up until my head is back on the pillow beside you. You turn towards me and take my hand in yours. You place my hand on your rock hard cock and then say "You've already woke me up and now your gonna have to deal with me" You laugh and pull me closer and then kiss me long and hard. Your hands travel over my body and soon your mouth is on my nipple, sucking and pulling at it. "mmmmm" Your hand travels down until you are pushing between my legs. Your fingers rub at me and then I feel the bed shift as you move between my thighs. "I need you babe, I can't wait." You say and I feel your cock nudge forward and slip into me. "Oooh" I shift my hips and you enter me half way. I feel your hands slip under my ass and you lift my hips and my legs wrap around your waist. My arms around your neck and I hold on to you as you begin to pump into me fast and hard. You are grunting and panting with the effort your putting forth. I feel the wave of my orgasm building. "Oh God, Oh God, please don't stop." Your hands move up my body and soon your arms are beside me and you lift off of me and begin to pump harder, deeper and faster into me. I can feel my orgasm roll over me. "Ooooh, ooooh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh" I moan and squeeze your waist with my thighs "aaaah, Here it comes. Aaaaah" You pump into me and then stop and I feel your hot fluid shoot into me. I am exhausted by our efforts but I am deliciously satisfied and kiss your wet cheek and forehead. I love sex at dawn.

Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

12/14/2005 8:06 pm

Cowboy couldn't resist to comment on this. Sex at dawn is good, great way to wake up. The only thing that I could think that is better..I know better Is for me to wake up next to a woman and wake her up by licking on her clit...I've never been slapped anyhow. Cowboy.

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