A Cool Breeze  

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11/18/2005 5:25 am

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A Cool Breeze

A cool breeze blows in through the window. I feel it on my skin; it brings goose bumps onto my flesh. I see the curtain flutter in the wind. I hear the sounds of the world that lies outside my window. I sense all of these things.

I hear you whisper near my ear, “How are you doing?” I can’t answer, I have no voice, I can’t think to come up with something to say, so I turn my head and through my half closed eyes, I look up at you and smile. “Mmmmm” I moan.

You continue to stroke me gently with your fingers. I don’t feel like I can go on anymore. It’s been too intense; I’ve never felt this way before. I feel like I’ve fallen from a very high wall and there doesn’t seem to be anything above me or below me. I’m not afraid or self-conscious with you and I can’t seem to catch my breath. This must be what Nirvana is. Everything I am feeling is in the core of me. I close my eyes and feel myself suck in a ragged breath. I shudder from a delayed orgasm; “Oooooh” is released from my lips.

I feel your mouth on my shoulder, your tongue gently licks me and I feel you slowly work your way down to my breasts. Your lips are on my nipple, your tongue flicking and lapping at the same time. I feel the pressure begin to build again and I can’t believe I am back there again, so close to ecstasy. I feel your hand begin to squeeze my breast rhythmically, while you begin to suck on my nipple. You nip and I feel your teeth and I suck in air. My back arches and I jump, as a slight feeling of pain from the bite begins to work towards my brain.

I can feel you stroking me still. Faster and I feel more pressure building up. I rub my head back and forth on the pillow and my legs go stiff. I feel like I’m shouting as I hear myself “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” Then you have your fingers right on it, “Oh Right there, right there” I grip your arm with my left hand, not wanting you to stop. “Oh God, Oh God.” I can feel myself going over the wall, I’m falling, and falling. My head rubs back and forth and I grip your arm tighter. I lift my ass up off the bed and I want something, I can feel it but don’t know what it is. I feel the pressure building and hear you whisper, “Let it go, Let it go” I want to but I want to keep feeling this delicious feeling of rapture, of bliss, of completeness.

“Oh, Oh, Oh.” I want it now, oh how I want it. I don’t know what it is, but there is something that is in me, that needs something that has been denied. My brain can’t think, I don’t know which way is up or which way is down. I feel the pressure building again, and then I feel it. It’s an explosion and my mind has centered on it. From deep inside me, I feel the sweet feeling of release. Oh God, the feeling of being plunged into something cold and then something warm and comfortable and everything feels so good all at once. Nothing is tight or painful. Everything is beautiful. I don’t feel you anymore, I just feel wave after wave of pleasure. My brain has shutdown, all my senses are centered on that spot deep inside of me. I feel like my vagina walls are pulsating, gripping onto your fingers. Everything is quivering and quaking.

I slowly start to feel the sensations coming back. I feel the tension and tightness in my toes. I feel my calf starting to cramp a little. I stretch out my leg, so it doesn’t get too stiff. I feel your hand and your fingers still in me. I feel the cold dampness of the fluids I have released, below me. I can feel your skin as it presses against me. I feel your hot breath on my breast and feel you lay your head there. Your hair is soft against my skin and I bring my hand up to touch it. I slowly let go of your wrist and feel my arm muscles loosen and I bring my other hand up to stroke you. I touch your hip and scratch my nails across your skin.

I open my eyes wide, as I feel you pull your fingers out. I feel empty now. I bring my legs together, trying to keep the feeling inside. Your hand comes up to my hip and I feel how wet I was. I smile, knowing that you have done this to me. You move your head up next to mine and I kiss you and feel your tongue touch my lips and enter my mouth. You push my head down, against the pillow and then squeeze my breast again, softly. “Hello, how are you doing now?” You say, smiling down at me……….

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