Hey - she loves me  

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10/19/2005 12:10 pm

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Hey - she loves me

Testimonial from the one who knows me best

Here’s a testimonial for you ‒ I’m his wife, and what I get from him is basically the same every time. First we start out with some mild caressing and petting, back scratches, massages, which eventually moves into kissing and licking and sucking, generally turning into a 69 for awhile, then some one-on-one time oral sex for each. There are times when I am hard to please ‒ He never leaves off until I am totally satisfied, never takes his own pleasure until he knows I am thoroughly sated. This he won’t stop until I am so sated I’m shuddering all over from the pleasure and begging him to quit because it’s just too intense. Then I go down on him for a while longer while my body thrums and settles down enough to take the real thing, and this we do in a variety of positions. Nothing is better to me than plain basic sex, and we always save that for last. Generally this whole experience takes about 2 hours ‒ and that is our basic “quickie”. There is no quickie with us. This three-way he wants to do ‒ his greatest fantasy is to have me included in it. Truth is, I love this man passionately and don’t really want to watch him with other women ‒ I want him all to myself, one on one. Also, he tells me he feels like he is kind of offering me a hot dog to his filet mingon. I tell him, “Honey, that wouldn’t be so bad ‒ I like hot dogs. But what you are really offering me is liver and onions. I HATE liver and onions.” Men are what turn me on, and I have all I need with this one. I did my playing while I was younger, and I did a lot of it. My man, he has been busy being a responsible provider his whole life, for his whole blood family and now for his wife and kids. He never had the opportunity to play. I’d like to see him get the chance to do it ‒ just once. He naive, which is sweet; let him be sweet for you. One time. After that, he is MINE.

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