First Blog...eating her out with a twist  

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12/18/2005 9:11 pm

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First Blog...eating her out with a twist

She had just gotten into town from school and we had been planning to hang out. I told her i would pick her up at a friends house at around 7. Most times we hang out, at somepoiint we usualy hook up, but not always, so i wasnt sure what to expect. As i was about to leave my house my parents told me they were going to be going to a basketball game and wouldnt be in untill later. Ideas allready were going through my head.

I drove down and picked her up. We didn't have any real plans for the night so we stated comming up with ideas. I didn't want to hint at anything too much, so i just casualy mentioned my parents were gone. She quickly said "well why dont we just go to your house?"

We arrived in minutes and went up to my room. There we talked for a little bit, just normal hanging out. Then she got on the bed and layed down. I got on top of her and kissed her neck. I starred into her eyes and i kissed her.

We kissed for a few minutes. She was playing with my tounge. Pulling it into her mouth, sucking on it like she would suck my dick. I then licked her lips, pretending it was her pussy. By this time i knew she was wet.

I moved my hand under her shirt. She wasted no time when she got up and took her t shirt and bra off. I noticed her perfect nipple were allready hard. I started kissing her 36 c boobs. Then i placed my mouth on her left nipple, sucking it in. I nibbled some more as i pinced the right with my fingers. As i licked, sucked and nibbled she moaned. As i worked on her nipples i unzipped her jeans.

I started kissing down her belly, getting closer and closer to her wet cunt. When i got to the line of her jeans i slowly pulled them off. I moved my hands on her legs and started to kiss her theighs. With that i then took her knees and spread her legs apart. I grabbed panties and pulled them up in her cunt, revealing her wet lips. I licked her theighs, closer and closer. I then took her panties off and i noticed that they were wet. As my tounge moved closer to her cunt i could head her start to moan and breathe.

I decided then that i wanted to make this evening of giving her pleasure a little different. I took her hand and moved it down towards her clit and i said "i want you to touch yourself" she smiled and began slowly rubbing her hard clit.I continued to lick around her theigh and right next to her cunt, never touching it tho, just teasing her. I then got closer and closer and moved in. I placed my tounge below where her fingers were rubbing. I started to lick up and down in slow patterns. I moved my tounge down and circled her hole. As i moved my tounge faster she moved her fingers faster, moaning with the rythem. After a few minutes i told her i would take over.

I moved my tounge to her clit and moved it in fast circles. I then spread her lips with my fingers and pulled her clit into my mouth as i sucked. She let out a moan. I then licked her clit hard and fast, up and down. I moved my head up to place two fingers into my mouth. As soon as they were wet i moved my tounge back onto her button and i moved my fingers in. I slowly put my two fingers into her hot wet hole. I started to curl my fingers, rubbing her upper wall. I could start to feel the presure build inside her. I moved my fingers deeper inside her, pushing up against her wall. I could feel a contraction and knew she was cumming a little so i went fast and hard. As i did she screamed. As she screamed, she yelled "stoopp!" do i did.

"whats wrong?" i said. "im about to come all over your bed...i dont think we could cover that up very well"

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12/19/2005 6:02 pm

Hi You are very good lover. I see you know how to please your woman.

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