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8/7/2005 9:28 pm

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6/11/2007 5:39 pm


In my experience, in general I have found transsexuals to be very interesting ladies. Of course, they come in all shapes, sizes and personalities like other people.

I think society should accept them for who they are and not judge their life choices since it doesn't seem to fit us. After all they are merely being the person who they really are - what's wrong with that? Therefore, no one should look down on them. In fact, they must have a lot of character to carry out their life choices since so many people give them a hard time. For them to do that they must be very serious about their life choices,or they would never put up with society's judgment. It seems to me they are serious about their choice, it isn't some stunt for attention. Therefore, we should support them.

If you have never met one, some of them are absolutely gorgeous, including better bodies than a lot of g-girl dates I have had.

header1979 37M
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8/19/2005 12:55 pm

Hey dude, It looks like I am the only one to post on your blog. I like your Advice Line posts questions and posts.

With regard to your blog, I agree that society should accept transexuals for who they are and not judge their life choices. I have had no experience with either transvestites or transexuals but my understanding is that they both are physically males (with penis) who dress in women's clothes. However, the issue in society isn't acceptance in a social setting but a legal issue concerning the definition of male and female.

In Fairfax County, we recently had a major incident in which a transexual was admitted to a female homeless shelter. When the women in the shelter found out that the transexual was a man they damn near rioted and had him thrown out of the female shelter. He refused to go to the men's shelter. This presents a major issue for transexuals to use female rest rooms, dorms, shelters, showers, prisons and other female facilities in which females have a right to privacy. What is to prevent any guy from dressing as a woman just to get his kicks from seeing naked women in a women's facility? So it isn't so much an issue of social acceptance, it is a legal issue. People who have a penis are male, regardless of how they feel inside. As long as a person has a penis, he is going to be regarded by the law as a man and obey the laws concerning male and female facilities. Are you advocating doing away separate facilities for men and women? What about a woman's (or a man's) right to privacy?

Since you brought up the subject in your blog, I would be interested in your views. This is how I learn.

Kim_in_Phoenix 57T  
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9/19/2005 7:18 am


I just want to thank you for the post's on my blog, and for posting such a really great blog here. Thanks for trying to help us educated people out there that we are humans first.. With that said I have a comment for header1979:
Just so you know it isn't only a feeling we have inside it has to do with genetic defects. Transvestites are nothing like Transexuals that you have confussed in your head and maybe you should read my blog to become aware. I like how people think we've made a choice to be thw way we are as thats way off base. I don't know anyone that chooses to be ridiculed, hated, and not given the right to liberty, life and the persuit of happiness. Maybe you should read and become aware instead of pre-judging something that you have no idea of and it makes you appear to be ignorant. Sorry just what I think on your views about us.


header1979 37M
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9/20/2005 1:30 pm

Hey, Kim, I wasn't pre-judging you at all. I have no views about you. I was asking a question to learn something that I know very little about. I am ignorant on the subject. That is why I asked the question. That is how I learn. So just chill out a little bit and educate me on something that I know little or nothing about. I am going to go to your blog to learn more about this. But be patient with me and don't be hostile. I am not being hostile with you. I can understand your reaction if you live a life of being ridiculed, hated, and not given the right to liberty, life and the persuit of happiness but I am not one of those people doing that to you. So don't blame me.

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