The Boring-Ass But Highly Obligatory "New Year's Resolution" Post  

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1/7/2006 11:01 am

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The Boring-Ass But Highly Obligatory "New Year's Resolution" Post

OK, for a change (as I mentioned I would from time to time in my blog header) I'm gonna do some posts that *aren't* about my sex life, or the lack of it at any given time, my sexual turn-ons, etc (or at least they aren't directly about them). And I'm going to start that off by writing about my New Year's resolution.

It seems that at this time of year, a lot of bloggers post their resolutions for the coming year. And I suppose that, much as it goes against my grain to do so, I too am going to discuss my resolutions for the New Year. Or rather a resolution, the only real one I made.

That resolution, simply put, is to lose weight. Now I put down on my profile that I have "a little extra padding". And to be honest, that's how I see it. If you see me full body (either clothed or not), not just in a face shot, I really am built about like James Gandolfini from The Sopranos. And I sure as hell wouldn't call him obese (and definitely not to his face! LO.

Anyway, at the current moment, I stand 6' tall and weight 230. According to the doctor's charts (which I never pay atttention to anyway-even though the AMA revised them a few years back, I still think they are unrealistically low-but that's to be expected from anything that takes a "one size fits all approach" to something), I should weigh about 180. I feel that's totally unrealistic, esp. for someone of my general build and frame. For me, I think I look and feel pretty good somewhere in the 200-210 range.

So the reasons for me setting off on the Weight Loss Road once again (I've gone up and down with my weight ever since the early to mid 90s)? Simple. I have more energy when I weigh about 200-210, I look better (not that I think I'm chopped liver right now though!), I feel better about myself (I definitely get more looks from women when I go out for the evening to one of my favorite clubs or watering holes, too), and I'll probably be healthier (though giving up or cutting back on the smokes would probably help too-but one thing at a time, and besides, I'm not anywhere near ready to quit).
One thing that is for damned sure is that I am going to be doing it for me, and nobody else, because I want to be doing it. It sure as hell isn't going to be for all the ladies out there (including the very many who seem to have profiles on this site) who seem to only want some guy with a all-star athelte's build, or some sort of "Skinny Bones Jones", and won't settle for anything else! (Not that I would likely want most of such shallow individuals for either friends or lovers to begin with-I prefer a bit more substance than that, and most definitely in the personality department.)

So how am I going to go about it? Well, I'll tell you how I'm definitely *not* going to go about it. One thing is for damned sure, you will *never* see me joining a "health club", working out with the "oh so pretty people"; the shallow, mindless, mundanestream, elitist arseholes that almost exclusively frequent such places. Even if I wanted and managed to obtain a "buff" body (which I wouldn't and don't want to begin with), I still would be me inside, and the me inside just doesn't fit too well with what (liitle) is on the inside of those type of folks.

No, most likely I will do what I have done before that has worked-lots of walking (esp. in the evenings), smaller portions at meal times, eliminating snacking, esp. at work (esp. hard for me because of my having a very boring job, working with people who are for the most part even more boring than the job, and during the winter it's hardest of all because of my utter hatred for cold weather-fortunately, January so far has been quite mild, so I've been able to hold to my "no snacking at work" pledge without a problem), possibly start bicycling again (though I need to get a new bike for that-my apartment management inadvertantly destroyed my old one, though I'm sure it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever get reimbursed for it).

Now maybe you're wondering "well, if your method for losing weight has supposedly worked before, why are you overweight again, and beyond that, why do you have the up and down struggles you do with your weight?" Well, the answers are simple: One part of it is something I have control over, but not always the discipline to do what I'm supposed to do as regards it, and the second is something I have no control over, but simply have to adjust for. The first part, of course, is how much, how often, and what I eat. That I pretty much dealt with above, i.e. smaller portions, no between meal stuff, and less "junk" type food.

The second part is separate from, but still affects the first part, and that is metabolism. No, there's nothing wrong with my metabolism-it's the same thing that affects everyone: Getting older. It's a simple fact of life that as we get older, the metabolism slows down, and it gets harder to take off weight, and also to keep it off. Stuff that you could eat in large quantities when you were younger seems to go to fat if you even inhale the aroma off it now. Exercise that should be bringing the scale numbers down, or at least holding them steady, seem to no longer work. You have to watch what you eat even more, and work even harder (which of course is even harder on your body now than it was when you were younger) on the excercise. And neither of those are necessarily easy, esp. as you get older.

And that, pretty simply, sums up my resolution: Cut back on what I eat, cut out the snacking, and kick up the exercise a notch. It sounds simple, but believe me, it isn't, esp. given that I am a fundamentally lazy person. But I guess my desire to feel a little more like how I'd like to feel, look how I'd like to look, and to be able to see my schwantz again when I take a pee (usually happens when I get below 215) is overruling my lazyness. Of course, the nice weather is helping a lot in this regard, as far as both not getting all stressed out and snacking to alieviate the stress and also being able to excercise outdoors comfortably goes. The goal? Hoping to be back down to at least 210 by the first of July. If I can hit 200, I'd be incredibly happy, but i'm not going to push it (not worth risking a heart attack, y'know). 205-210 would be just about perfect IMO. So I am now on day 7 of this round of "The Battle of the Bulge". I'll let you all know via this blog how things progress as time goes on. Wish me luck!

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1/7/2006 11:44 am

I want to wish you well.

Take it slow and dont try too many new things at once and drink at least 64 oz of water a day. It really helps NO SHIT!

Purry {=}


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