Lend me a hand! (And I'll lend you one back.... ;) )  

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9/20/2005 12:06 pm

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Lend me a hand! (And I'll lend you one back.... ;) )

I have to say it: given that I am a big believer in safe sex, it's probably also a good thing that I get very turned on by all manner of "non-coital" sexual activities. And one of the ones that turns me on the most is none other than....mutual masturbation! I absoulutely *love* playing with my partner's pussy and clit and nipples (though I tend to suck on nipples more than I do diddle them with my fingers), and of course love having my dick and balls and nipples played with (again though, I tend to prefer having a woman suck my nipples than play with them manually). Doesn't matter if we do each other at the same time, or one at a time (though each way has it's own special advantages), I just love playing with my partner-and love being played with in return. In fact, if I were to find myself with someone so concerned about "safety" that they said absolutely no to standard intercourse (and there are ladies like that out there, believe it or not), even with a condom, it really wouldn't bother me that much, since I would just make up for it by playing with her even more than I usually would!

For me, masturbating my partner is the biggest turn on for several reasons. One is (and not to sound like I'm bragging here) that I think it's probably the one single thing sexually that I do best-hands down (no pun intended)-is get my partner off manually. And unlike a lot of people, I tend to center on my partner and her pleasure more than my own. In fact, if my partner isn't turned on, *I* won't get turned on either. If she isn't enjoying herself, I won't be either. So whether it's just me doing her at the moment, or the two of us doing each other, when I masturbate her, there's a "feedback loop" of energy there that tends to energise me, and I believe her too, and that I think is very much a part of the overall build up of sexual energy that gets released in the form of orgasm(s).

Another reason masturbating my partner is such a big turn on for me is that, like most men, I tend to be fairly visual. While you can usually hear and feel the results of your partner enjoying your cunnilingus on her, it's a little impossble to actually *see* the look on her face, the writhing of her body, and the other wonderful visual clues that tell you that you're "doing the job right". Actually being able to see the results of your efforts to pleasure your partner makes the whole thing so much sexier.

As for technique, well....for me, I have my own special way of playing with a woman-very simple, yet almost every woman I've ever been with tells me I'm the first guy they've been with that's played with them that way. In short, what I do is place from one to all four fingers in her vaginia, moving them around, helping get her wet (if she isn't already), moving them in and out-the usual stuff. But the difference is that I then take my thumb, wet it with her "juice", and then begin to play with her clit simultaniously with my other finger(s) playing with her pussy (esp. her "g" spot, if I can locate it)! In my experience, it tends to drive my partners pretty wild! In fact, sometimes seeing my partner getting worked up from this, dousing my hand with her juice time after time, gets me so hot I just have to start masturbating myself! Luckily, I tend to masturbate women better with my left hand, and myself better with my right, so it works out pretty well.... The ultimate for me (usually works only with shorter partners) is to play with her clit and pussy with my left hand, jerk myself with my right, and suck one of her tits! (Of course, I have to be on her left side on a bed to be able to do this.)

As for true mutual masturbation, I find that works best on a couch (esp. one of those couches that also acts like a recliner) than on a bed. Just too hard for both people to reach across to each other down there comfortably on a bed! And as far as what I enjoy, well, I can enjoy being "stroked" (both as a part of mm or with her doing me only at the time) either dry handed or with lube-though if dry handed, the lady does need to watch out that she isn't *too* enthusiastic, as I've wound up getting some nasty chafes that way! LOL OTOH, if she's using lube on my member when she's jerking me, too much enthusiasm can mean I may last only a min or two, esp. if she pays too much attention to the head. (Of course, this is not always a bad thing-sometimes the sudden, quick orgasm of that type can be an incredible rush, too!)

As we move on into fall, I sure look forward to finding a special friend (or friends) who really enjoy having a man "lend them a hand" (at least "down below! LO....and who don't mind lending one in return!

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