Dry spell, part 1  

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8/25/2005 10:54 am

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Dry spell, part 1

The area where I live isn't the only thing that's been going through a dry spell these past few months; I too have been experiencing a drought myself this summer, albeit in the area of sexual encounters, experiences, and so forth.

In a way, it's not all that surprising. In the time I've been on AdultFriendFinder, I've noticed that things tend to be less active in general during the "nice weather" months, whether it be new members joining, people participating in the groups, people going on cam, etc. Plus you can add to that the fact that as a member of the ever-popular (or should that be "never-popular"? LO MBL (Married but Looking) club, I have to admit that it also comes as little surprise that it is generally harder for someone in my position to find somebody to hang/play with than it is for someone who is more "available". It wasn't always like that, but for whatever reason, that's the way it seems to be now. (If you want to know *why* I'm a member of the MBL club, just read my profile-I explain it all there.)

However, that doesn't stop me from keeping trying....it can't! I'm not ready to join the "Monk's Club", either! And it sure doesn't stop me from missing certain things.
Like just the other day, when the thought came to mind just how much I miss a good blow job. I mean *really* miss it. How much I miss the feeling of my erect member sliding into my partner's warm, wet mouth...feeling her tongue as it swirls around the glans, as it slides up and down my rock-hard shaft, or feeling her hand grabbing my hard on hard and tight, jerking it rythmically and slowly as she sucks on my head....

How much I miss the feeling of an eager partner, sensing that I'm about ready to dump a huge load of my spermatazoae in her mouth, intensifying her licking and sucking and jerking; small, soft moans escaping her mouth as she anticipates the fast-approaching moment when I suddenly tighten up, and she knows that the sweet savor of my load is only seconds away....

But I miss just as much the taste, touch, and feel of a partner's nice, juicy pussy! I miss sucking on a nice, hard little clit, just the same way I like having my dick sucked. I miss the feel of muscles spasming with pleasure, of hips bucking and thrusting from the actions of my mouth on clitoris, labiae, and the "canal" itself. I consider when my partner suddenly grabs my head in a vise grip with her thighs and trieds to shove my head up into her, her pussy gushing out wave after wave of juice all over my face, screaming and moaning, to be like a standing ovation!

What I really miss the most, not only because of the afore-mentioned considerations, but also because it's hard to find somebody built "just right" to do it comfortably, is 69. I miss the exchange of energies, as each of you turns the other on, and in return gets more turned on by the fact that your partner is turned on, and you return that energy back to them, and they back to you, until it becomes like a feedback loop, building up and up until one or the other or both of you cums!

Wow! Have to admit, just thinking about all this has sure made me horny as hell! Now, if I could just find a nice, open-minded, horny "friend" whos wanting to do the same (and more)....

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