Been a while....  

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12/24/2005 11:33 am

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Been a while....

Since I've written anything here, so I guess it's high time I did a little bringing up to date.

Well, last time as you remember (to borrow from the beginning of many a episode of Lost in Space), I had just made a new friend (with benefits), "C", and was hopefully about to hook up with another. So, the good news is that the person I was about to hook up with turned out to be "for real", as they say.

Gabriella (she said it was OK to use her name) is a total sweetie. Shy, quiet, but with a good, playful sense of humor. But definitely not shy once the clothes come off, though! LOL She and I have gotten together twice more since our first meeting, and all I can say is that I've enjoyed every moment we've spent together, sexually and otherwise (haven't gotten her to try my little bra fetish activity I wrote about-maybe if I buy her a bra "just special"-though 46DDD bras are damned expensive! LO.

As luck would have it, I also made another new friend shortly after that (the only bummer being that she too lives in Milwaukee-though that's only from the standpoint of gas and wear and tear on the car). "A" is another sweetie-5 feet tall, fun to cuddle and talk with, and a real dynamo sexually! Oh, and I almost forgot-she has a tongue stud! (Wow! Now I've been with a woman with a pierced clit *and* one with a tongue stud, all within six weeks time! LOL And what they say about tongue studs and BJs I can attest is no urban legend-it's TRUE!) And I almost forgot-a gorgeous pair of 44DDs, plus she *loves* my bracum fetish!

Lastly, there's my friend "T", who I will after months of corresponding finally (I hope! I hope!) be getting together with this coming week (if you're wondering why so long, it's because like me, she's a member of the MBL club, so logistics have been a little difficult).

So that's the goings on here lately. My dance card has gotten pretty full, but there's still room for one more. (I don't get to see 3 of my 4 friends all that often, so I'm trying to find at least one more friend and playpartner-hopefully local, but if not, ah well....) Maybe I'll find that new friend in the New Year, eh?

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