Taking it in the......  

Tounge_lashing4U 43F
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7/9/2005 11:09 pm

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Taking it in the......

It's every mans dream. If he admits it or not is a different story. They all want to put it there. It is the forbidden hole but its soooo tight so it has to feel so good. It's also every woman's nightmare. Why? That's the one place you can't just ram it. So here it is......gude to forbidden pleasure.
The key is always lubrication. No matter how many nerves are ther lubrication is the key. Next patience. If you are patient your reward will be sooo sweet. A little at a time...easy just a quarter, out an inch in a little more. Touch the nipples play with the clit, make the pussy cry out in exctasy from the pleasure you give the ass. Encourage her to relax, put her on top so she can control the in and the out. Don't get discouraged, it may not happen tonight, or tomorrow but when it does, oh the sweet cum.....

rm_krsmth 43M

8/7/2005 8:43 am

I'll admit it openly. I like to put my prick in a woman's tight little ass hole.

There is sometimes a need to fuck hard and fast, pounding furiously into a warm wet spot; you are right to say that it's best reserved for her pussy.

A woman's ass is better to take a swollen, hard dick when the lovers are in the mood to take their time. For me, I like it when it's the second or third time around. I do have to let off some steam initially, to avoid "just ramming it in" like you said, and who wants to only have one orgasm, after all?

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