The Carpenter  

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5/11/2006 8:11 pm

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The Carpenter

I was so excited to be finally getting my french doors installed. They had been sitting in the garage forever it seemed. It was a perfect mild weather day--almose crisp and no rain in site. The carpenter was referred to me by a neighbor who used him to install some of his doors. He works alone. I work from my home and the doors were going in my office out to the yard. Hummmmm,,,what to wear, what to wear?????

I decided to go with the secretary type look since I was going to be working in my office. I put my long hair in big loose curls and then put it up in a loose bun with loose curls hanging down--somewhat disheveled. I put on my black garter belt with sheer black thigh high stockings and my sexy black high heels. I decided to go without a bra and put on a sheer lacy cami. No panties. I then put on a black pencil shirt and a white button down blouse. Diamond earrings and simple necklace.

As he entered the house I kept the shirt open allowing the motion to move the blouse exposing my erect pink nipples and allowing the blouse to be a bother and continue to slide off my left shoulder. He kept looking down attempting to concentrate on his tools.

I showed him the room where he is to work and explained that I will be busy at work in the same room. After he got set up I entered the room and busied myself on the computer. I sat so that he had a great view of my legs. I could see him looking over subtly and positioning himself so the large column in the room didn't block his view of me.

I began to reach forward, bending forward and ensured that when I sat back down, the skirt was hiked up so that my garter and stockings showed. I could see my reflection in the doors and I looked HOT! I was getting sooo wet! I rotated my chair while I was on the phone so that I was facing him. I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs offering a suggestion of what was between them!. Mmmmm if he only knew how wet I was!!!

Oops!! I knocked the file off the table and a few papers fell on the floor. I couldn't resist!!!! I was almost dripping wet as I slowly (while still on the phone acting busy)bent all the way over (glad my hamstrings are so flexible ! lol). I moved such that the skirt would have to ride way up. I could feel the cool air from the partially open door on my soaking wet pussy!!!! I fumbled with the papers to prolong this position. I sat back down and casually glanced his way and he was still staring--flush faced!!! My nipples are getting hard now remembering the look on his face.

I tried soooooo hard to see a bulge in his pants but the pants were baggy as is the style. I got up to put the file away and rotated the chair so he could see the very wet spot left on the leather chair.

I excused myself and fucked with a dildo in the bathroom. Mmmmmmm. That was fun!!!!!

easy_8 56M

5/12/2006 5:45 pm

My oh my...
You always put a smile on my face...I love your horny energy...

dick4hire2000 43M

5/12/2006 8:56 pm

Another amazing tail of sexual fun. I love it. I so want to play along. I think we should see how hard we can make the bar tender at the bar next to my house. Maybe we should have some food delivered and you could answer the door for that lucky high school delivery boy. I bet he would have to pull over on his ride back to pleasure himself.

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