ohh what fun it is  

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1/11/2006 8:51 am

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ohh what fun it is

Ok, why not share this with others here. Most recently I went to a friends house to help her with her computer problems. We've been friends for sometime now and also slid the occosional sexual remark nack and forth as a form of fore play.

She wanted me to come over and fix her computer for sometime and if I knew what she had in store for me earlier, I wouldn't of taken sooo much time to get there. Upon arriiving she greated me with a nice glass of wine and thanked me again for finally coming over to fix her problem upon which she directed me to her computer.

As I sat in front of her computer and clicked here and there she stood behind me leaving ever so slighly over with her breast just nudging my shoulders. I seen her problem and knew it was a easy fix but just stalled enjoying the moment and sensing her sweet smell and touch behind me.

It wasn't long before I felt my cock starting to throb and grow in size. I lean back slighly so maybe she can notice the buldge in my pants and BINGO she did.

I'm shy at first and really didn't want to make the first move to hurt of friendship.

She slowly put her hands on my chest and lightly massage and works her way down to my pants. I lean back kissing her neck...I'm feeling the
rush get up turn around and move into her with my hard cock up against her...we kiss..our tongues are expressing our passions for each other. Our tongues are expressing our need for complete oral stimulation. Together we
collapse to the floor. I begin to undress her while she unzips me. I continue to pull off her cloths as she does to me. Our eyes meet...I give her a mischievous grin and a wink. Our tongues are longing to please each other completely.

Our bodies fit perfectly together in 69 position.
Our tongues take over, I sink it onto her clit, she wrap herself around my long hard cock. My cock is growing harder and thicker. Her silky pussy is getting wetter. We are entangled panting, licking, stroking. We are in ecstasy. She is stroking me with her mouth...I am licking her clit sucking her lips lathering her juices. I start sucking her clit..it is driving her
wild..She is all over my sexy cock...I am so hot for her...I spread her legs and take her in deep. I am listening to her breath heavier and
feeling the urge to cum myself...I can taste it sweet jucies and feel she is about to climax herself. As I was sucking harder on her clit...I start to climax..She is starting to tremble herself as she starts to cumm as well...it is very intense as we time it perfectly and cumm together, we laid there on the floor for some time before we both seem to have the energy to lift ourselves up..

To be continued....

TorontoMaleStr8 49M
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1/11/2006 8:57 am

Will continued how this day ended...

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