Gay guys looking for those on the fence  

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1/22/2006 11:01 am

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Gay guys looking for those on the fence

I am sure I'm not the only STANDARD male heterosexual member who found their one and only, singular e-mail is from a gay guy wanting to give/receive a blowjob (should the hetero-male decide to change sexual orientation).

What this made me realize about gay men is that they are just as horny as straight men - I suppose I should have known/realized this, but frankly I had never given it much consideration. Hormones are a bitch and finding an outlet (or inlet) can be fatiguing. I look forward to the day my hormones subside and the rest of my blood supply begins flowing back to my brain where it belongs.

Here's the scary part about my gay e-mail - I was excited to receive and read it! Don't misunderstand, I am not on the fence about my sexual preference. But I did find it a bit flattering that SOMEONE had found my profile and decided to send me a line. It is tempting to get pissed off at all the girls on this site who neglect my profile - POOR MIKE - CRY ME A RIVER. But wait, all they know about me is the 2-3 paragraphs that (I admit) were hideous and unattractive. How can I blame these gorgeous women - its not their fault!

Anyways - I would like to hear from other straight guys who receive only gay mail. Sharing our disappointment and anger is healthy!


-=O Mike O=-

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