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8/31/2006 4:42 am

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in my business, I have worked for wealthy and or famous people,,I am not friends of theirs,,but they have purchased some of my garments and accessories, I don't use that association to cash in on...so frankly,,I am not impressed by your wealth or position in society..If you are famous,,I wouldn't know it,unless you told me,,I don't read the gossip rags...or keep up with who's who in whereverville.. I think it's grand you live comfortable, and get all the respect you crave,,but that is not my lifestyle and I am not complaining about it either.No denying I would enjoy having more to spend freely but it is not my goal or aspiration to be wealthy...call it stupid if you will,,,I just have very limited wants and needs ,,so lots of money isn't necessary to be happy in my world..narrowminded in some areas,,and money is one that has no alure....if I need some ,,I get busy and make something to sell, within 24 hrs..I am done with money in hand ,so what 's the need for storage of an easily available commodity ??? The point being don't expect me to know who you are,,if you are someone important,and more importantly don't expect me to treat you special just because you are one...it don't matter a hill of beans to me,,doesn't do me one bit of good...so why care??

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8/31/2006 5:17 am

You have a great attitude. People should be judged by who they are not how much money or fame they have.

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