Whats your Fantasy?  

TopDawgLarry 53M
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9/30/2005 10:16 pm

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Whats your Fantasy?

We all have a Fantasy! Whats Yours?

The only way I know to get a fantasy fulfilled is to share with other people in hopes that somebody may be willing to help you make your fantasies become a reality. I will get the ball rolling by sharing a few of my many.

Fantasy 33: I have never participated in FMF trio and, ever since I can remember (well before the first time I ever actually had sex) this has always been a fantasy of mine. In this fantasy there is some at least a little woman to woman action (kissing, sucking, caressing or licking etc….). The Fantasy would start off with a lot foreplay to begin with. It would involve a variety of positions to keep all potentially involved and me taking turns to which woman has my cock in her. It would end with me sharing my final load with each of them as they lay across the bed exhausted and satisfied.

This is a Fantasy I am currently working and have 1 lady willing to participate (actually a fantasy of hers too) but still need a second. I really don’t care who fulfills this fantasy I just want to do some day sooner than later and hopefully a few more times after that.

Ok I know that’s just about every guys fantasy but the next 3 are a little more rare but ones I’m sure many men would enjoy.

Fantasy 34: This is along the same lines as the above mentioned with one big exception in that this one is more of voyeur fantasy. Like above it would be a MFF experience except in this fantasy I wouldn’t be participating physically with the two lady’s. I would be watching the two women from a fairly close distance (10 ft ) as they pleased each other in any way. I would be naked stroking my cock to the excitement of watching them.

Fantasy 35: Same as 34 except it would be watching another couple make love

Fantasy 36: Same as 35 except at the conclusion of them two fucking the lady takes my cock and either jerks me off or sucks me dry.

Don’t believe I have ever expressed these three fantasies before now.

Now if anybody would willing to help me with fulfilling these fantasies it would be greatly appreciated and don’t be shy Its not about looks as much as it about wanting to fulfill as many of my fantasies before I can’t or wouldn’t enjoy them as much anymore.

Ok somebody else’s turn and I know you all have dirty minds and Fantasies so don’t be shy .

SpiderKisses21 51F
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10/6/2005 7:11 am

I had a hard time sleeping ...

so I got up out of bed and walk out onto the balcony. The moon is so bright and the stars are so beautiful. You roll over and realize that i'm not there in bed with you. You look over and see me standing there with my hands on the railing. You see my white sheer robe blowing in the cool night breeze. You walk out to me and wrap your arms around my waist. I feel your chin rest on my shoulder. You hear my voice go "mmmmmmmm" and watch as a smile appears on my face. My arms wrap around your head, as we hold onto one anther and just look out over the trees. I feel your hands press my hips into yours. My eyes close as I can feel you getting bigger and I let out a light moan knowing the loving that is about to come. You put your hands on my hips and I let go of your head. You slowly turn me around to where I am facing you. You spread your legs and wrap your arms around my waist. I move inbetween your legs and wrap my arms around your neck again. As I press my hips up against your dick, I feel you softly kiss my neck and then your nails run softly down my back. I arch my back and then you nip a little harder as you hold onto me a little tighter with your nails and strong hands. You know that you have control over me so you play and toy with me. Placing your right hand on my bottom and pulling me closer to your dick. Moving my body against it and making me hot. I feel your hips start to pevit softly against me. My right nails start to softly scratch at your chest as my left does your back. I feel you start to arch your back. It is enough that you losen your grib on me and I push you away a little. You turn and watch me as i walk into the bedroom and turn on some music. Then I walk back out to you. I pin you against the railing and then I start to kiss your neck. You feel my hot breath on your neck as my tongue starts to play on your neck. I feel your left hand cup at my right breast and start to gently massage it as your right is on the small of my back holding me close to you. My right nails start to run down the left side of your chest. I stop at your nipple and play with it. As then you feel my teeth close on your neck and then release as my lips start to close on your neck. My left hand comes down and joins my right hand with playing with your nipples. I feel them getting hard between my fingers as they continue to play. I feel your right hand join in massaging my breast. I start to move soft kisses up your neck and to your jawbone and then trace it around to your chin. My tongue starts to trace you lips gently as then your tongue comes out and meets mine. Our tongues pasionately dance together as our breathing gets deeper. You feel my nails run down your sides and to the front of your stomach where I untie your robe. I break our kiss and bend down and nip on your dick with my teeth. You are so hard by now and you can fell my teeth on you and making you wet. I can almost taste your precum. I stand back up and slide your robe off of your shoulders and throw it on the chair next to the door. I then start to kiss your chest, working my way down to your nipples. First circling them with my tongue and then nipping at them with my teeth before I start to suck on them. You then feel my first fingers go into the back of your boxers and then circle around to the front and then to the back again. Each time, moving them down just a little more and making sure that when I get to the front that I pull them out a little to where I don't pull on any hair or hurt you. As I am doing this ... I make small kisses down to your stomach and then on the edge of your hairline. I feel your dick tap against my cheek a time or two ... wanting to feel my lips on it. I reach over with my lips just on the tip of the head and my tongues plays with it for just a couple of seconds, rolling around on it. I can taste the precum in my mouth. Ohhhhhhhh it taste os good. Your hands softly touches my head as I stop playing with you. I start making wet kisses down by your left ball. I softly place my tongue on it and play with it with my mouth open ... so that you can feel my hot breath on it. Then I move over to your left thigh and place a wet kiss there. I feel you lean against the railing as I start to suck on your left thigh. As I am moving over to your right thigh, I stop at your balls and just breathe on them for a min. I watch as your left one get harded then your right one because of me making it wet earlier. Then I softly kiss your right thigh, making it wet. When I am done sucking on it, I move back over to your balls. My tongue plays with your right ball, making it wet. Then you feel my teeth nip on it a little before my mouth closes on it and I start to suck. As then I look up at you and you see me wink and then a slight smile appears on my face. You know that I am enjoying this as much as you. I watch as your dick taps against your stomach. I hear "mmmmmmm" and you can feel the vibration on your dick as I am doing that to you. I start at the base of your dick and give small nips going up to the head. Making sure that I taste every inch of you. Once I get to the top, my right hand holds onto your dick as I roll the top of it on my lips. My tongue plays softly with it as I taste your precum on my lips and tongue. My left hand plays with your balls as I start to kiss my way down the left side of your dick and then back up on the right side of your dick like it was a candycane. When I get to the top of your dick again, you feel my teeth on the tip of your dick. My tongue rolls around on it and then my mouth opens and I can feel your dick tap against my teeth as I move down to the ring of your dick. My hands move to your bottom and hold on to you. I can feel your hands on my head move now as you are getting more excited. My lips close on you and then you feel presure as I start to suck a little, trying to get more precum out of you. My lips get tighter as I start to go down further and then I come back up and my tongue plays and teases your hole and then I go back down a little more. My hands hold onto your bottom as you start to feel me go deeper on you. You feel my nails a little. Each time I come up and play a little and then back down even further until you watch your dick disappear. I hear your moans getting louder and deeper as I move faster and tighter with my lips. Taking all of you in that I can. I can tell that you are about to cum. Your dick is getting more bigger in my mouth. I move my right hand to your balls and they are so tight. I start to play with them and then a light squeeze when you are about to cum in my mouth. Your hands move in time with my head and I watch as you close your eyes and then I feel your cum moving thru your dick and into my mouth. Ohhhhhhhh you taste so good. You stand there weak at first and I continue to suck on you and get all that I can out of you. When I have finished, I stand up and I place my fingers on your nipples. The I feel your strong arms around me and then you pulling my panties down. You kiss me so passionately that I melt in your hands. You then take my robe off and throw it on yours. You finish taking my panties down and then lift my right leg and then my left to take them completely off of me and throw them in the chair also. You feel the weetness between my legs and you know that I want you. You tell me softly to bend over the railing. I do as you say (those spider kisses will get you everywhere with me). You gently turn me around and then I bend over for you. You tease me by rubbing your hard dick against my wet clit. You hear a moan escape from my lips as I feel how hot and hard you are against me. You stick your dick in me a little at a time and then back out again ... teasing me. You know I want it all. You slowly go all the way in and out of me picking up speed as i start to moan louder "ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss". I feel your hands on my hips, pulling me into you. You watch as you make my breast move. I can feel you getting closer to cumming. Your dick getting thicker and you moving faster and faster until you explode inside of me. You fall down on me and we just relax for a min. getting our breath. You feel me contracting against your dick. Then you slowly pull out of me and take my hand and lead me to the bedroom where you wrap your arms around me and we fall deeply asleep.

Sweet Dreams,

SpiderKisses21 51F
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10/6/2005 7:15 am

Maybe if you like this story, I'll write a little story for you of your fantasy and send it to you. (wink)

Sensual Lady

TopDawgLarry 53M

10/6/2005 1:07 pm

Of course I loved your story! In fact it was so exciting I almost needed a cold shower but found an alternative means to relieve the tremoundous tension build up in my aching balls and swollen cock. Amazing what a good story can do to somebody!

Of course write away you sexy godess!

only thing better is actually preforming the act

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