NFL week 6 picks and Analysis on the NFL  

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NFL week 6 picks and Analysis on the NFL

Last week wasn't kind at all I went 8-6 but did good on fantasty part. Some big games again this week but overall I think its a better week for picking winners. There will also be some monster Fantasy preformances thise week.

Check comments for my picks and Take on the NFL

13-1 Damn Raiders let me down!

quick fact: pick the winners in the NFL and they cover the spread 85% of time if line is under 10. In week 6 12 of the 14 winners covered the spread!

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10/14/2005 1:07 pm

Atlanta 31 @ New Orleans 10 +5 Atlanta 12th in Total Offense (1st run,27th pass ) and 22nd in Total D (25th run, 21st pass) New Orleans 17th in Total Offense (18th run, 19th Pass ) and 17th in Total D (28th run, 8th pass). Should be a NO Brainier here the leagues best rushing attack vs. one of the leagues worst run defense. The Saints will not be able to run with Antowain Smith or Aaron Stecker, filling for the injured Deuce McAllister (out for season) and thus be forced into passing on almost every down making them very predictable for the Falcons. Fantasy outlook: Play Vick if he starts, Dunn and Duckett they will each score at least once for the Saints you can play Brooks but yardage is all I would expect and 1 TD and a couple of picks.

Carolina 24 @ Detriot 10 -1 Carolina TO 26th (20th run, 20th pass) TD 24th (3rd run, 27th pass) Detroit TO 28th (19th run, 28th pass) TD 19th (21st run, 17th pass). Taking a road Dog is never a wise bet but, Detroit is lethargic on offense especially when they become 1 dimensional which they will. Harrington will give it up at least twice once they are forced in to a passing game. Look for Carolina to attempt to establish a running game before the aerial assault starts. Fantasy outlook play Delhomme and Smith anybody else you play is a mediocre play at best.

Cincinnati 24 @ Tennessee 23 +3 Cincinnati 3rd TO (10th run, 8th pass) TD 13th (23rd run, 10th pass) Tennessee 23rd T0 (21st run, 17th pass) TD 16th (22nd run, 15th pass). Tennessee actually has a chance in this one if McNair has a solid game with no more than 1 turnover and if they can stop Cincinnati from getting big plays. Cincinnati should win it with better overall talent and a aggressive defense but it will be close for Tennessee has been showing signs of improvement. Fantasy outlook: Play Palmer, both Johnson’s, McNair and Bennett you might also want to take a look at Ben Troupe and Chris Henry.

Cleveland 6 @ Baltimore 23 -5.5 Cleveland TO 16th (29th run, 9th pass) TD 28th (30th run, 24th pass) Baltimore TO 25th (22nd run, 16th Pass) TD 2nd (9th run, 4th pass). The Ravens will get Jamal Lewis untracked this week as he cruises to his first 100 yard game of the season. The Ravens D is too much for Cleveland to handle in a hostile environment especially when they will be forced to play against the Ravens strength (pass defense). Looks like a perfect game for a struggling team to find some chemistry and to rediscover what they do best and that’s run the ball. Fantasy outlook: Jamal Lewis!!! Baltimore D… all others except kickers are terrible plays.

Jacksonville 16 @ Pittsburgh 13 no line Jacksonville TO 22nd (14th run, 23rd pass) TD 6th (29th run, 2nd pass) Pittsburgh TO 10th (7th run, 15th pass) TD 14th (6th run, 20th pass) Here I go again picking against the Steelers at home once again but the status for Big Ben is doubtful and Hines Ward is nursing a hamstring (will play) not to mention the Jags have one of the leagues best defensive units. For Pittsburgh to win this one they will have to shorten the game and pound the running game. Since both teams prefer to run shorting the game shouldn’t be an issue. I think Fred Taylor can run against Pittsburgh and Leftwhich will be efficient enough in the passing game to pull a minor upset her. Ultimately it will come down to which team makes the fewest mistakes which is why I like Jacksonville against a Tommy Maddux led Steelers. Fantasy Outlook: Both D’s look good in this one as do the kickers. Fred Taylor is an ok play but would expect a huge day by any means.

Miami 13 @ Tampa Bay 24 -4.5 Miami TO 17th (13th run, 21st pass) TD 4th (2nd run, 14th pass) Tampa Bay TO 19th (8th run, 24th pass) TD 1st (1st run, 3rd pass). Tampa’s defense is too much for the Dolphins despite the return of Ricky Williams who will seem limited action. Both teams have outstanding defenses and neither will run effectively but, Look for Griese to have a nice game and for the Buc’s to dominate in time of possession and total yards. Fantasy outlook: Tampa D, Griese, and Joey Galloway. Miami D not a bad play and neither is both kickers.

Minnesota 14@ Chicago 20 -3 Minnesota TO 24th ( 27th run, 13 pass) TD 30th (32nd run, 14th pass) Chicago TO 27th (9th run, 30th pass) TD 3rd (4th run, 7th pass). Unthinkable at the start of season but the Vikings are a mess and wouldn’t look for Culpepper to get untracked against one of leagues best defenses. Cedric Benson may have caught a double break in the fact that Thomas Jones is busted up (knee questionable) and in first real action gets to face the worst run defense in the league. No matter who plays RB for the bears they will run it often and productively against the Vikings keeping Culpepper on the sidelines. When Minnesota has the ball look for them to throw a lot and since Culpepper leads the league in Ints and the Bears are one of the best in creating turnovers and defending the pass I would expect to see a few more Ints as the Bears handle the Vikings. Fantasy outlook: Bears D, Benson if Jones cant go otherwise go with Jones, Culpepper: anybody else is simply a bad play.

New York Giants 24 @ Dallas 34 -3.5 Giants TO 9th ( 15th run, 11 pass) TD 31st (14th run, 31st pass) Dallas TO 7th ( 16th run, 7th pass) TD 10th (10th run, 16th pass). Offensively these two teams are very well matched but the difference in the game will be Home Field and the Giants league worst defense against the Dallas offense. The Giants will also be able to move the ball, but the only way they can win this one is to be +2 in turnovers for they will have little hopes in stopping the Cowboys on offense. I anticipate a fairly high scoring contest. Fantasy Outlook: Play Bledsoe, Glenn, Jones (if he goes) Manning, Tiki Barber, Burres

Washington 13 @ Kansas City 31 -5.5 Washington TO 8th (6th run, 12th pass) TD 5th (15th run, 6th pass) Kansas City TO 11th ( 4th run, 18th pass) TD 27th (8th run, 30th pass). Chiefs coming off a bye week they sorely needed to shore up some issues in their pass defense. Interesting match-up that would appear to favor the Redskins but, what caught my eye was the Chiefs running offense (always one of the leagues best) against a so-so Washington run defense. Brunell has been very good in the passing game for the redskins but they much prefer to run the ball playing into the chiefs defensive strength. Granted the Chiefs have issues in the secondary but I feel they match well against a very mediocre Skins WR group. The Skins have been competitive all season and much of last season as well but, I smell a spanking coming here. Fantasy outlook: Trent Green, Priest Holmes, and Tony Gonzalez are all good plays, Sammy Parker and Chief D are ok plays.

New England 27 @ Denver 31 -3 New England TO 5th (24th run, 5th pass) TD 23rd (23rd run, 22nd pass) Denver TO 21st (2nd run, 26th pass) TD 18th (5th run, 25th pass). Interesting game of opposites! New England is better attacking via the air and Denver is better via the ground attack and looking at their respective defenses neither is good at stopping what the other does best. Looks like a shoot in Mile High. There is one huge glaring difference though and one that could swing the game New England is -6 in turnover ratio while Denver is +6. I don’t think the Patriots can lose the turnover battle and win this one so I’m going with the Broncos at home. Fantasy Outlook: Looks like a fantasy feast if you have players on these teams I would play them all except Defenses.

New York Jets 10 @ Buffalo 13 -3 Jets TO 29th (31st run, 25th pass) TD 8th ( 27th run, 5th pass) Bills TO 30th (12th run, 31st pass) TD 11th ( 31st run, 1st pass). Boring game ok not really it will be a slug fest with lots of hard hitting but very little scoring. Both have good defense’s yet neither are good at stopping the run slight edge to Bills since they run the ball much more effectively than the Jets. Bills are also +7 turnover ratio while the Jets are -1 going to take the Bills in a close low scoring game. Fantasy Outlook: McGahee, Martin and Both D’s. You’d have to be nuts or desperate to play anybody else in this game.

San Diego 30 @ Oakland 31 +2 Oakland TO 13th ( 27th run, 5th pass) TD 29th (11th run, 28th pass) San Diego TO 14th (3rd run, 22nd pass) TD 21st (7th run, 25th pass) Another of those contrasting styles games this should also be a good one and it’s a must win for both teams. Looking at the numbers I’m going to take the Raiders in mild upset! Why? Because, San Diego prefers to run and not that Oakland is great at stopping it but its what they do best on defense. Also, Oakland likes the vertical passing game and that’s what the Chargers defend the worst. Except a fairly high scoring game that should go down to the wire. Turnovers could play a factor for neither can afford to lose that battle. Fantasy Outlook: Play LT, Moss, Collins for sure, not bad plays Gates, Brees, Porter, Jordan and both Kickers.

Houston 7 @ Seattle 33 -9.5 Houston TO 32nd ( 11th run, 32nd pass) TD 25th (25th run, 23rd pass) Seattle TO 1st (5th run, 6th pass) TD 17th (19th run, 19th). This one will be ugly!! Less than 90 yards passing a game geez who’s playing QB in Houston the kicker? Seattle will do as they please in this one and will blow Houston out unless they overlook them (this isn’t college and pros should never overlook an inferior team but it happens). Wouldn’t be on the Seahawk starters putting up many numbers in the second half except Shaun Alexander. Fantasy Outlook: Shaun Alexander huge day, good play Hasselbeck Seattle D and K, ok plays if you want to gamble Joe Jurevicius.

St. Louis 23 @ Indianapolis 34 -13.5 St. Louis TO 2nd (23rd run, 3rd pass) TD 26th (12th run, 28th pass) Indy TO 15th (17th run, 14th pass) TD 7th (16th run, 9th pass). Looks like this is the week Manning and company put on an offensive display. The only real chance the Rams have is if they run the ball 30 times but we all know this isn’t going to happen so why bring it up. The rams will try to win a track meet and fail simply because their defense can’t defend the pass and they struggle in the red zone. Expect it to be closer than the spread but Indy wins easily. Fantasy Outlook: must play Manning, James, Harrison, Bulger, ok Play Clark and Holt vanderjagt.

Well hope this is a better week good luck all!

Betting plays for the gamblers out there:

*****Seattle - 9.5
**** KC - 5.5
*** Atlanta -5
*** Baltimore -5.5
** Carolina +1
** Tampa Bay -4.5
** Dallas -3.5

6 Point teaser play
Seattle -3.5, Baltimore +½, Carolina +7, Tennessee +9 St. Louis +19.5 Oakland +8 this is my 6 team teaser that pays 7:1

Also like KC Tampa and Dallas in teasers but for teasers I like the above 6 better

Like the Under in Jets Bills game and the over in Oakland, Denver, Indy, and Dallas games

TopDawgLarry 53M

10/14/2005 1:08 pm

AFC East

**New England 3-2 Impressive win last week in hostile environment. Offensively this team is just as good as ever ranking 4th in passing but they need to get Corey Dillon more involved to have a good balanced attack. Defensively however, they have issues they rank 20th against the run and 24th against the pass. Injuries have bitten the Patriots defensive squad very hard and the team is still adjusting to new coordinators on both sides of the ball. They will overcome the adversities as they always do and easily prevail in this division and be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

Miami 2-2 Not a good performance last week coming off a bye week even if it was against a very good defensive Buffalo team on the road. The Offense needs to be more consistent to help out the leagues #4 defense (total defense) and getting Ricky Williams involved can’t hurt. Gus Frerotte has been productive when not put in 3rd and long situations so an improved running game can help the passing offensive. Why not play Brown and Williams in the same backfield?
Second best team in this division but a wild card spot is not likely look for 8-8 season.

Buffalo 2-3 Does this team really think they have what it take to make a run at the playoffs this year? Replacing the teams future in J.P. Losman in favor of a career backup hack like Kelly Holcomb tells me they want to make a run this season. I think it’s a retard move and demoralize a talented young man who could lead the team for the next 10 years. Its not hard to be the leagues best defense against the pass when your 2nd to last against the run. I know lets run a hurry up offense so we can get our best unit on the field quicker. NOT, come on this defense is beleaguered and searching to find itself after losing its leader so why in the hell would you want them on the field for 40 minutes a game? The team has some talent but they must develop the QB position to take the next step and putting Losman on the bench is not the answer. Willis McGahee is putting up good numbers and will have a great individual season but the team will struggle to a 6-10 or 7-9 season.

NY Jets 2-3 They really shouldn‘t have won last week and put next years #1 in the NFL draft in question. Lets see the 31st rushing and 25th passing offense and Vinny Testaverde is going to improve this? NO the offensive line is poor at best and even with Pennington this team would struggle offensively. The Defense is a little better but when your 26th against the run your on the field way to much and the passing defense numbers are exaggerated. They will battle at home but 5-11 or 6-10 is about all a Jets fan can hope for.

AFC North

*Cincinnati 4-1 Played very well in defeat last week impressing me even further. They are gaining confidence, have tons of talent and will improve even further as the season progresses (barring significant injury) making them a very dangerous squad. Talk about consistency and balance the leagues #3 offensive unit is 8th in both passing and rushing. Defensively however, they need to step it up against the run because 117 yards per game isn’t going to cut it come playoff time. Cincinnati fans relax your going to the playoffs with 10-6 or 11-5 record (maybe better) and look to be a team that will contend for years to come.

** Pittsburg 3-1 Every week I keep expecting this team to falter and for Ben Roethlisberger
To show that he is nothing more than a mediocre QB on a great roll and every week he proves me wrong. So until he proves differently I’m not going to bash Ben anymore after all who can argue with his success and winning is what its all about. Last week he not only continued his winning ways but also showed he’s a resilient and tough son of a bitch when he went down with what appeared to be a serious injury late in the game. That is not the case and I look for him to be playing this Sunday (the team may hold him as precautionary measure for a week). Offensively there showing more balance this year ranking 7th rushing and 15th passing while on defense they may yield some yardage via the air their still the 4th best defense in points allowed and 7th against the run. The defense is aggressive and causes all kinds of problems for opposing offenses. I doubt they have the same type of season they did last year but 12-4 is a real possibility and are a lock for a playoff spot.

Cleveland 2-2 Got damn lucky to pull out a victory against Chicago at home last week! They have one of the leagues 5 worst defenses and the offense can’t expect Trent Dilfer to carry them all season. They rank 28th in run offense and maybe Suggs return will help this situation out. Looks like a typical 6-10 season and a high draft pick in next years draft again.

Baltimore 1-3 One of the most disappointing teams of the early season! They need to quit fucking around and give Jamal Lewis 25-30 touches a game because Anthony Wright is not going to get done through the air. The Leagues 2nd best defense can’t be expected to stop the other team from scoring when the offense keeps handing them ball on a short field. By running Jamal more it will burn clock and keep the strength of the team (defense) fresh and will only help the QB in the passing game. Its not to late for the Ravens but they need to get focused on what they do best like the Falcons and Steelers. I think they will rebound but not enough to make a playoff run 9-7 and creating havoc in the playoff picture is what one should expect.

AFC South

**Indy 5-0 Offensively Peyton Manning and company have yet to hit their stride a scary thought considering how well the defense is playing. Speaking of the leagues 7th best defense 16th against the run and 9th against the pass they will get their first real test when St. Louis comes to town on Monday Night Football. Is this the year they make a run at the Super Bowl? No reason not to think they could for they will coast to the playoffs and my pick to win home field advantage throughout as they finish the season 13-3 or 14-2.

*Jacksonville 3-2 Did what they had to stay in the wild card race last week in beating Cincinnati at home in tough game. The defense is way to good to be giving up 130 yards a game on the ground and this must improve if they are to be serious players in the playoff picture. The offense is mediocre and very conservative but well balanced and not making mistakes thus putting their defense in very good positions. Fred Taylor is having a very good season and I believe that they must feed him the ball more for them to be successful over the course of the season. Looking at a 10-6 season and a wild card spot.

Tennessee 2-3 The Titans are a rather mediocre team on both sides of the ball ranking in the middle of the pack in all offensive and defensive stats. The Offense however, has some potential with a savvy veteran leader in Steve McNair a speedy Chris Brown in the backfield a down field threat in Drew Bennett and an emerging superstar in TE Ben Troupe. I look for them to be competitive in most games and if they improve on both sides of the ball may make a run at the playoffs to only fall short in the long run. Look for a 7-9 to a 10-6 season depending on how they develop over the next few weeks. Stay tuned this situation in weeks to come.

Houston 0-4 . 0-16 is not likely but possible and the #1 pick in next seasons draft is a lock. The Texans are simply terrible and there is not a 1 or 2 year fix forth coming. David Carr has just about run his course and I wouldn’t be surprised if they went for a QB with next seasons #1 pick but they also need a RB and Reggie Bush is a possibility too with that #1 pick. They also really need another receiver to go along with the very gifted Andre Johnson but he’s struggling to get open against constant double teams. The Defense needs help to for they are near the bottom in every statistical category as well. Sorry Houston but I’m going with a 2-14 finish.

AFC West best division in AFC

**Denver 4-1 3 impressive wins in a row and growing more confident as each week passes. Can they keep winning by running back by committee? Yes, but would like to see them give Tatum Bell a solid look in the weeks to come. He has Tremendous speed and capable of busting any touch for a long score. The defense has been yielding huge yards via the air but their one of the best at stopping the run and +6 in the turnover ratio which has been a key to their early success. When you have the leagues 2nd best rushing attack your not going to put up huge aerial displays yet this team has some potential there. Denver will return to the playoffs this season after posting an 11-5 or 12-4 season.

* KC 2-2 Hopefully they put their bye week to good use and shored up issues on both sides of the ball. They have the leagues best 1-2 punch at RB with Larry Johnson and Priest Holms but one the receivers needs to step up to allow Tony Gonzalez to be more effective in the passing game. Defensively they were supposed to be much improved after acquiring several key free agents in the off season to shore up what had consistently been the Achilles heel for this team and they have been effective in stopping the run but, have the secondary has been torched ranking near the bottom in passing defense. Were my preseason pick to go to the Super Bowl but now they appear as nothing more than a wild card team and may have to hold off San Diego, Tennessee and Baltimore for the last wild card spot. Looking at 9-7 but could be better if the secondary sews up the gapping holes their allowing receivers to roam through.

San Diego 2-3 took one on the chin last week against the Steelers in game they really needed (If they had one I would have put them ahead of Chiefs for final wild card spot). To nobody’s surprise the Chargers led by super stud LaDainian Tomlinson have the leagues 3rd best rushing attack averaging over 130 yards a game. Drew Brees has been very effective completing 65% of his passes but 4 Ints have hurt. The team is dead even in turnover ratio something they will have to do better at to advance into the playoffs. Like the Chiefs their very good at shutting down the run but are being lit up through the air. Predicting an 8-8 season but very easily could be 10-6 so they will be a factor in the playoff race.

Oakland 1-3 They got their first win 2 weeks ago and coming off a bye maybe they found away to play defense (wouldn’t bet on it). They’re 28th against the pass but have shown some signs of stuffing the run. Kerry Collins and Randy moss make a explosive combination capable of scoring on any given play but free agent acquisition LaMont Jordan has not met expectations in the running game. They have young talent on the offensive line as well but they don’t seem to be creating holes for Jordan. Look for them to be competitive in most games and finish the season near .500.

TopDawgLarry 53M

10/14/2005 1:09 pm

** Division Winner
* Wild Card

NFC East

Washington 3-1 As expected the Redskins are pounding away on the ground with Clinton Portis very effectively and Mark Brunell has been efficient in the passing game especially when he needs to. I would think expect the passing to game hold in the long term for they truly don’t have a legitimate receiving core. They’re -5 in turnover ratio and this will cost them dearly at some point during the season. If they’re 5th ranked defense can create more turnovers and if they can ride Portis as the primary offensive threat they could challenge for a playoff spot. Not betting that to be the case and predicting they fade into the night and finish the season near .500

*Dallas 3-2 Very impressive last week but Julius Jones ankle injury is a concern. Drew Bledsoe has been outstanding reuniting with Bill Parcels leading the leagues 7th most productive offense. They’re not bad on D either ranking in the top 10 total defense. With a well balanced team and one of the leagues best coaches I believe their heading back to the playoff with a 10-6 record.

NY Giants 3-1 One of leagues biggest surprises! Eli Manning is looking more and more like his elder brother and the reason he was so highly touted coming out of college 2 years ago. The offense is well balanced with Tiki Barber being a double threat and Plaxico Burress catching bombs while Jeremy Shockey roams the middle. Defensively they rank 31st in total defense and yielding over 300 yards a game through the air. It’s a good thing they are +9 turnovers or this record could be reversed. 9-7 would be a good year and would put them in playoff race but that pass defense has to catch up to them sooner or later and they will not maintain that turnover ratio throughout the season going to give them a 9-7 record for the season but missing the playoffs.

**Philly 3-2 looked terrible in Dallas and there is reason for concern but, rest assured in know they will prevail in this division over the long run. They have weapons all key offensive postions in Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, and Terrell Owens the games best wide receiver. This trio is capable of putting up huge numbers on any given Sunday and last weeks effort was an abomination instead of the norm. They are the leagues #1 passing team which is they’re identity but the last ranked rushing offense is of some concern and balance will be needed to win come playoff time. On the defensive side they are not playing as well as they did last year despite having all its key players back as they rank near the middle in every category. Look for an 11-5 season but if they don’t get some balance on offense and if the D doesn’t improve don’t look for to advance to advance to the NFC title game this year.

NFC North

**Detroit 2-2 was out gained 3-1 in yards last week by Baltimore but still won handily. Somebody has to win this division and they have the lead and a soft schedule. Despite having a talented receiving core they rank 27th in passing offense and Harrington is possibly on his last leg in Detroit. Defensively their nothing more than mediocre at best but are a +3 in turnover ratio.
7-9 and win the division ? Maybe……

Minnesota 1-3 My preseason pick to runaway with this division is in complete chaos. Minus 8 in turnover ratio to go along with a defense ranked 30th overall and dead last against the run is not a sign that they’re going to turn things around anytime soon. Offensively their not much ranking 23 overall. Daunte Culpepper has been miserable throwing a league high 10 interceptions despite throwing for decent yardage (has to considering how far they are behind in most games). Not even Randy Moss could help much and its not all Culpepper’s fault the offensive line is not giving him much help and when they do he can’t find an open receiver. Maybe he’s to use to just throwing up? 6-10 is looking good for this team and look for a change in the coaching staff at seasons end.

Chicago 1-3 Literally gave the game away Cleveland last week! The Defense is the strength of this team and one of the best in league 3rd overall 5th against the run and 7th vs. the pass. They also very aggressive having forced 11 turnovers and looking to score on all of them. Offense is another story though despite being very effective in the running game they are one the leagues weakest ranking 27th in total offense. Cedric Benson may have actually got the break he needed to play significantly the rest of the season as starting running back appears to have injured his leg (stay tuned). If Kyle and the rest of the offense can improve to at least mediocre they will have a shot at this division but they are in must win situation this week at home against Minnesota. Looking at 6-10 but defense could carry them to 8-8 and a division title.

Green Bay 1-4 About time they showed up! They’re still in trouble but in this division anything is possible. Injuries are killing the offense at both RB and WR and you can’t expect an aging Brett Favre to carry them all year or can you? Defensively they aren’t that bad ranking in the upper half in all categories but like years past they don’t seem to show up when it counts. Favre is enough to get the to 6-10 but to do better he needs some help on both sides of the ball.

NFC South

*Tampa Bay 4-1 Couldn’t find the end zone last week thus, they fell from the unbeaten ranks. Defense wins championships and right now they’re the leagues Best!!! On offense they have a solid running game with Cadillac Williams being the main man and Michael Pittman backing him up. They need to keep a close eye on the Cadillac running attempts for he is a small back and been injury prone in the past. Brian Griese has been effective but he need to stop throwing picks (7) and would be helped immensely if Michael Clayton shoulder would heal and he returned to last seasons form. They are going to the playoffs at 10-6 and as a wild card team.

**Atlanta 3-2 looked good without Vick as Matt Schaub filled in nicely and was actually robbed of first down by a quick whistle that may have cost them the game. Vick is the Key to this team though and if he’s healthy the Human Highlight Real will lead them deep into the playoffs. Far and away the leagues best rushing team averaging just under 200 yards a game. The passing game can only improve as the youngsters get more playing time and with defenses having to play against the run. On the defensive side of the ball they’re middle of the pack but my hunch is that that much better than that and will steadily improve statistically in the weeks to come as the schedule weakens. 11-5 and a major threat to win it all.

*Carolina 3-2 Not pretty but getting the job done. They are so-so on both sides of the ball to be honest but Jake Delhomme gets the job done and Steve Smith is looking like the comeback player of the year. On Defense they are very tough against the run but are getting tore up through the air. The pass D will have to improve if they hope to hold of the Giants and Rams for a wild card spot.

New Orleans 2-3 Going nowhere fast!! Deuce McAllister out for season!!! Brooks has a ton of potential as does the receivers but they are way to inconsistent. The Defense is terrible at stopping the run leaving them on the field to much for a road weary team. They will manage to make games interesting but 6-10 is where they ultimately will finish this season. Look for coaching change when the teams moves to San Antonio next season.

NFC West

**Seattle 3-2 Will they finish the job? They have the leagues best offense led by Matt Hasselbeck who’s is playing as good as anybody at the QB position and by the Leagues Best running back in Shaun Alexander. They are a well balanced offensive machine that consistently moves the ball down the field scoring on a regular basis. Defensively they are a bottom half team but should improve as they get to play a fairly easy schedule over the next 6 weeks. They are playoff bound winning this division at 10-6 maybe 11-5 but the D must improve!

St. Louis 2-3 Still in wild card picture but they have a tough task ahead when they travel to Indy for a Monday night contest and 2-4 is looking likely. They have all the tools any team could want on offense they just need a coach who can utilize them best. Defensively their near the bottom in every category most likely because they have a brain dead coach who wants to play arena football. Control the clock and give that defense a break and maybe they make the playoffs as a wild card. Ok forget that he’s not going to run so its 8-8 at best and hopefully he gets fired at years end.

San Francisco 1-4 If Houston wasn’t so bad they would have a shot at back to back #1 picks. Reggie Busch looking real good to 49er fans I bet. The future is not now its down the road a few years so let the kids play and build for the future. 3-13 #2 pick in next seasons draft

Arizona 1-4 Terrible start to what was a season of hope. They’re completive and will win their share in the final 11 games. They really need to find a running game (dead last) to go along with the leagues 2nd best aerial assault led by two fantastic young receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin both on pace for over 1500 yards receiving! Warner should be back at the helm after the bye but coach Green has to find away to run. Defensively they’re not bad except in points allowed almost 27 a game and in turnover ratio where there a minus 4. If they can manage just 80 yards a game on the ground and flip flop that turnover ratio they could have a solid season still. 7-9 and falling short for the playoffs.

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