NFL Week 5  

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10/10/2005 9:51 am

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NFL Week 5

9-5 last week is not great and I’ll try to do better this week but there's a lot of tough games and to many road favorites.

Yuck I picked 9 road teams!! This is not a week for the betters take that to the bank and don’t bet for there will be some upsets. Betting wise Its always in your favor to take home Dogs.

Check comments for Predictions and NFC and AFC summary of each team.

TopDawgLarry 54M

10/10/2005 9:51 am

Lets see what this week holds for us (week 5).

New Orleans 28 @ Green Bay 31 I just can’t imagine the Packers at 0-5 and it’s the only reason I’m picking them to win this one for the Saints are a better team. Great Fantasy Plays: Favre, McAllister Good plays: Stallworth, Brooks, Driver. Final Score Green Bay 52-3 Favre 3 TD 215 yards,

Baltimore 20 @ Detroit 6 To much of Ray and Jamal Lewis for the hapless Lions. Great Plays: Baltimore D, J. Lewis. Final Detroit 35-17 4 turnovers and not enough Jamal Lewis cost the Ravens they out gained Detroit 3-1 Jamal Lewis 1 TD 95 Yards,.

Chicago 24 @ Cleveland 10 Bears Defense to much for Browns and with bye last week the Bears offense will click. Great Plays, Chicago Defense, Good Plays: Benson, Jones. Final Score Cleveland 20 Chicago 10 Bears had lead with 4 min remaining but a 46 yard penalty on a punt and a turnover cost them dearly without penalty. Jones 137 yards, Bears D 2 Int 3 Sacks

Miami 17 @ Buffalo 10 Coming of a bye and the bills being inept offensively can’t help but like the Dolphins running their record to 3-1. Good Plays Miami and Buffalo defenses. Final Score Buffalo 20 Miami 14. Holcumb played very well in no huddle offense and Miami turned it over 5 times. Buffalo Defense 3 Int, 2 fumble recoveries, 2 Sacks. Miami Defense 2 fumble recoveries, 3 sacks.

New England 20 @ Atlanta 17 Just can’t imagine the Pat’s losing 3 in a row and they won’t. They will contain Vick and will find a way to overcome a hostile environment. If New England turns the ball over more than 2 times this could be a rout the other way. Good Plays Vick, Brady, and Dillon. Final Score NE 31 Atlanta 28 M. Schaub played well but not quite enough to pull it off. Brady 3 TD 350 yards Dillon 106 yards.

Seattle 31 @ St. Louis 33 This will be a shoot out and I look for the Rams to find a way to hold off the Seahawks. Fantasy, If you have any players on these teams you must play them except maybe Faulk. Final Score Seattle 37 St. Louis 31 if you played any of these two teams stars you scored some nice points.

Tampa Bay 24 @ NY Jets 10 Tampa Bay is to tough and for Jets to have any chance there going to have to be +2 on turnovers. Good Plays Griese, Pittman, Clayton, Tampa D.
Final Score Jets 14 Tampa 12 Tampa Couldn’t find the end zone. Jets were efficient on both sides of the ball.

Tennessee 31 @ Houston 24 High scoring contest that McNair pulls out for the Titans. Tennessee is simply a better team too. Great plays: McNair, Brown, Bennett, Davis, Johnson Good Play Carr. Final Score Tennessee 34 Houston 20 McNair 2 TD’s, Bennett 99 yards 1 TD, Davis 130 yards.

Indy 45 @ SF 3 This one will be ugly early as the Colts fine tune their offensive machine. Great Plays: Manning, James, Colts D, Wayne, Vanderjagt Good Plays Harrison, Clark. Final Score Indy 28 SF 3 James 105 yards 1 TD, Colts D 1 TD, 4 Ints, 1 Fumble, 5 sacks

Washington 7 @ Denver 23 The skins Great defense will not be enough in Mile High as The Bronco’s roll. This one could get uglier than predicted. Great Plays Elam, Denver D, good plays: Anderson, Bell, Lelie. Final Score Denver 21 Washington 19 Tatum Bell 127 yards 2 TD’s did he win the starting job?

Philly 31 @ Dallas 24 closer than many think and Dallas may have a chance in the 4th Quarter. Eagles just have to much when its all said and done. Great Plays: Mcnabb, Owens, Westbrook, J. Jones Good Plays Glenn, Bledsoe, L.J. Smith. Final Score Dallas 33 Eagles 10 Philly didn’t even show up! Great Days for Bledsoe and Glenn

Carolina 24 @ Arizona 20 Panthers should win this easier but they like to make them interesting.
Great Plays: Delhomme, Fitzgerald Good Plays: Boldin, Davis. Final Score Carolina 24 Arizona 20 right on the nose. Delhomme 243 yards 2 TD, Fitzgerald 1 TD 136 Yards, Boldin 158 yards 1 TD, Davis 1 TD

Cincinnati 13 @ Jacksonville 24 The Bengal’s will fall from the unbeaten ranks as Jags defense forces Palmer into a few mistakes. Good Plays: Taylor, Johnson, Jags D.. Final Score Jacksonville 23 Cincinnati 20 Taylor 132 yards.

Pittsburgh 17 @ San Diego 19 The Steelers had an extra week to get ready something I like but San Diego will ride the emotions of last weeks win over New England and snatch victory from defeat. Great Plays Kaeding, LT, Parker, Good Plays Brees

TopDawgLarry 54M

10/10/2005 9:52 am

AFC East

Miami 2-1 Team is playing well under new coach Nick Saban and is vastly improved over last year. Have concerns anytime your top QB is Gus Ferrote. Who will be the RB after week 4?

**New England 2-2 are the off season losses and injury to Harrison to much to overcome? They still have the leagues best coach and the same offense thus, sticking with them as team to beat. They may have some tough times ahead but come playoff team they will have to be dealt with.

Buffalo 1-3 Still a solid defense but this team is going nowhere with Losman as the field general. If you are no threat to throw the ball your no threat at all.

NY Jets 1-3 #1 pick in next years draft? Not likely but a top 5 pick seems to be for sure. Marv will keep the team focused and they will be in most games but without an offense they are going to fall short most weekends.

AFC North

*Cincinnati 4-0 Still rolling!! The team wasn’t overly impressive last week but a win is a win and this team will only gain confidence as the season goes on! Playoffs? Hell Yes

** Pittsburg 2-1 Still don’t think Roethlisberger is all that good but a very good coaching staff and a good running game along with a super defense makes this team a contender but no Super Bowl

Cleveland 1-2 Same as always 6-10 but, look on the bright side you have a stud in Edwards now if only the new coaching staff can find a QB and a RB to go along with him.

Baltimore 1-2 Finally got their first victory against an undermanned Jets team. Whoppie! This team has to get the two Lewis’s going whatever it takes.

AFC South

**Indy 4-0 The offense finally got untracked last week and the defense is playing surprisingly well. Super Bowl? They have what it takes but will the defense hold up?

*Jacksonville 2-2 Need a little more offensive production to go with a very good defense and the sky’s the limit for this team. Leftwhich needs to mature a little bit but he’s heading in the right direction.

Tennessee 1-3 There will be no playoff run that defensive unit is simply terrible. If they do anything it will be all McNair.

Houston 0-3 . #1 pick in next years draft? YES

AFC West best division in AFC

**Denver 3-1 Last 2 wins have been very impressive thus, making them the favorite to win division. The running game is solid as always and the D is playing well. No reason they can’t be a huge threat come playoff team however, Plummer still scares me.

* KC 2-2 My preseason pick to win the Super Bowl and still sticking with them isn’t looking so hot after 2 tough losses, thus downgrading them to a wild card team.

San Diego 2-2 Nice win at New England last week! Still on the outside looking in but they’ll be a playoff contender.

Oakland 1-3 Finally got of the Goose Egg !! They’re competing in every game and will play a spoiler roll in the playoff picture.

TopDawgLarry 54M

10/10/2005 9:53 am

** Division Winner
* Wild Card

NFC East

Washing 3-0 Should have lost last week but they didn’t!! Can’t say enough good things about how well they play defense but If they want to be in the playoffs their going to need to open up that offense.

*Dallas 2-2 Had a shot at stealing one from the Raiders last week but failed to convert the opportunity. Those are games they have to win in order to secure a playoff spot. I think they will!

NY Giants 3-1 Very Impressive last week!! They started off like this last year too so I’m taking the wait and see approach. Still believe Manning and the defense have work to do but at least Manning is making huge strides.

**Philly 3-1 Nice comeback! This team showed a lot of heart and character in coming back from 20 points down. In so doing so they were completely dominate on both sides of the ball and Simply put Showed why they are the best in the NFC.

NFC North

Detroit 1-2 Had an unwarranted chance to win in the last minute against Tampa Bay but of course Harrington blew it again! They was completely outplayed by the Buc’s but the defense created 5 turnovers to give them a chance. A season of hope is fading quickly no thanks to a pathetic showing by Harrington.

**Minnesota 1-3 No Idea why I’m picking them to win the Division they have showed very little of anything all year but, somebody has to win it. Really they have some nice players but they need to step it up!

Chicago 1-2 Coming off a bye they moved into a 1st place tie. I like their future but it should be a few years away but in this division it might be sooner than anticipated. The defense is solid and very aggressive If Orton plays well and they find a way to get Benson involved they could win this division.

Green Bay 0-4 OUCH!!! The Offense is looking better or is it? If they eliminate mistakes and the defense can patch up some gapping holes they still have a shot here but I wouldn’t bet on it. It would be a stretch to see this team go 6-6 over the last 12 and I don’t think 6-10 will win it.

NFC South

*Tampa Bay 4-0 Still rolling although they tried to give on away last week. Told you they need to give Carnell a break. Now they have a banged up stud good thing they have a quality back up. I really like what their doing and as long as they get Carnell Healthy and spell him more they will be a solid playoff team.

**Atlanta 3-1 Made the fans a little nervous watching Vick hobble off the field last Sunday but all is still good for the mighty Falcons because “Superman” is fine. As long as he stays that way there’s really no stopping this team from being a real threat.

*Carolina 2-2 Held off a furious Packer rally in a game they had to win to be keep up in the playoff picture.

New Orleans 2-2 Gave their soon to be new home of San Antonio a preview of what they should be like but we all know this team is really Dr. Jekyle and Mr. Hide in disguises. Tons of talent but they must keep their heads on shoulders to do anything.

NFC West

**Seattle 2-2 Lost one they shouldn’t have last week in Washington but that’s no surprise for, they have done that for what 3 years in a row? Have to believe they are going to step it up and finally play up to their tremendous potential at some point.

St. Louis 2-2 Told you Marc was the worse coach in the league! When’s this idiot going to realize you can’t pass 50+ times a game and expect to win? Fire his ASS!!!

San Francisco 1-3 Alex Smith saw his first action of the season last week in Mexico City as the 49ers were blow out despite 2 defensive scores by Arizona. Expect to see Smith more and more as the season continues.

Arizona 1-3 Josh McNown and the Cardinals hit on all cylinders as they blew out the hapless Niner’s. They’re still going to need to find a running game and a Healthy Warner to be a playoff contender and neither are very likely.

TopDawgLarry 54M

10/11/2005 9:33 pm

I'm a huge Bears Fan as well! Have been a Chicago Fan since age 4 and have know (memorized)every starting offensive player since age 6 (hard to believe but true)when I started watching every game. Been through many lean years but will always treasure 1985!!! Was there ever a better player than Payton? Not in my opinion.

I understand your pain Lioness my best friend is a huge packer fan as are all the members of my fantasy football league. Speaking of my best friend we have an ongoing bet (every year) on the Divisional championship between the Bears and Packers (draw if niether wins) needless to say I'm down big in this annual $200 wager thank goodness the Hawkeyes have had the Badgers number in recent years (makes the losing a little better lol)

I agree the Bears have a promising future I really like Lovie but we may as well get Benson rolling (looks like this week since Jones got hurt)and we need a legitmate QB. I like Orton and Groosman but they have work to do if were to get over the hump.

I have tickets to the Bears vs FAlcons game on Sunday night December 18th. Looks like I will have 1 extra since brother is backing out possibly 2.

TopDawgLarry 54M

10/14/2005 9:01 pm

could be! an invitation that is after all somebody is going to use it rather I give it away or sell it.

Maybe I should put it up for auction highest bidder or best offer?

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